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3 Tips on How to Choose the Right Workout Towel

Over the recent years, there has been a rising need for working out in quest of remaining as fit as possible. People work out for different reasons such as, shedding off excess weight, building muscles as well as ensuring the body stays in its perfect shape. There are several items that are required by each individual to enhance their exercises. Some of these items are; light comfortable and fitting shoes, light workout clothes, workout towels, etc.  In this article, we cover the details that you should be looking out for when selecting the best towel for your gym use.

A workout towel plays an important role in ensuring that you enjoy the exercises and it serves as an important part of the gym etiquette. It would be frustrating to anybody in the urge of using a given gym machine only to find it covered with sweat. Many gyms offer these towels but there are individuals who prefer to buy their own towels. Sometimes, you may end up settling for a towel that is not really right for you. Below are some of the major considerations you need to make when settling for the right towel.

Consider the material of the towel

Most of the towels are made of cotton but there is a variation in the quality of the cotton used. The major difference in the cotton quality is brought about by the length of the fiber. The longer the fiber, the higher the quality of the cotton. These fibers contribute to the softness of a workout towel. The standard cotton towel is marked 100% cotton which has very little softness but it can be quite durable and go for years of your workout.

You can also go for a towel that is a mix of cotton and polyester which makes it lighter in weight. Also, consider the edges of the workout towel. The edges determine the quality of a towel. If it is double edged, it means that the towel will be durable. And it is likely to be fray than those towels with the woven edge.

The level of moisture absorption

When selecting a towel to be used for your workouts, it is important to ensure that it absorbs the moisture with ease. Workout towels have loops that allow the sweat absorption. If a towel has many loops, it means that be highly absorbent. In considering the level of absorption, the workout towels do not need to be highly absorbent like the bath towels.

The time taken to dry

Workout towels should not take long time to dry. You need to be able to wash the towel and use it after a short time of drying without causing so much delay. Gym goers need a towel that can dry up quickly and it is therefore important to go for thinner towels that won’t take much time.

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