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7 Myths and Misconceptions about Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss is a challenge that millions of people across the globe face. There are some who are able to surmount these with the right diet and exercise routine. On the other hand, there are others for whom the weighing scales fail to budge no matter what.

Weight loss surgery has come up as a result-oriented and lasting weight loss method in the recent years. It involves shrinking the stomach size so that you eat less and consequently, are able to get rid of weight gain issues. Gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and lap-band surgery are the three types of bariatric surgeries gaining popularity amongst the weight-conscious people. Despite the increasing number of people opting for these procedures, there are several myths linked with them. If you are considering a weight loss surgery as your next step, you need to clear out these myths and have your facts right. Let us debunk them for you.

Myth 1: It is meant only for the morbidly obese

A common misconception is that this procedure is meant only for the morbidly obese people. Yes, it does help them to get back on track faster and more effectively but the surgery is equally good for the moderately obese ones. If you want to look and feel fit, you can still consider this option even if you don’t fall into the category of the morbidly obese.

Myth 2: It should be the last resort

If you think that you should try every other tact before going for a bariatric surgery, you are mistaken. In fact, considering it early as a part of your weight loss plan is a wise thing to do. The longer you wait, the higher are your chances of falling prey to obesity-linked diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it is better to opt for the procedure early to stay healthier and live longer.

Myth 3: You gain your weight back anyways

Another misconception about the procedure is that it can be a waste because you will gain back the lost pounds anyways. However, research indicates just the opposite. Not only does it help you lose more weight faster than those who only depend on diet and exercise, but also enables you to keep it off. Following a healthy lifestyle post-surgery will help you stay on track and continue to be fit and healthy.

Myth 4: It is just an easy way out for the lazy ones

A belief that creates a wrong impression about bariatric procedures is that it is just an easy way out for the lazy ones who cannot make sustained diet and exercise efforts. The truth is that diet and exercise are not always the best solution for everyone. There are severely obese people who try everything but fail to achieve results. For such individuals, a weight loss procedure is the only way to get achievable results. They have to opt for a surgery to shed the unhealthy pounds and lower the risk of life-threatening diseases.

Myth 5: It is not possible to get pregnant after the surgery

If the fear of not being able to carry a pregnancy after the procedure is stopping you from getting it done, you need to clear your facts. Yes, you can get pregnant post-surgery, though it is advisable to wait for two years to get your weight stabilized first. Moreover, there will be some nutritional imbalances and hormonal changes post-surgery. So it is better to wait for some time instead of trying immediately.

Myth 6: It is not safe, particularly for older adults

There are some common risks that are attached to every type of surgical procedure and bariatric surgery is no exception. However, keeping the complications aside, the benefits of the procedure are extensive enough to set aside the risks. Age can be an additional risk factor because there is a possibility of co-existing medical conditions. Still, the surgery has a high success rate, even for the patients aged in the sixties and early seventies.

Myth 7: It is not covered by insurance

Worrying about weight loss surgery prices is inevitable, considering that most people believe that it is not covered by insurance. Though coverage varies by provider, several companies do offer it because the procedure is deemed to be medically necessary. It is not just a cosmetic procedure that alters the appearance but a surgery that alleviates the risks of several chronic diseases.

Now that all the myths and misconceptions related to weight loss surgery have been debunked, you can opt for the procedure without any doubt. It can be a life-changing decision, considering that it can make you look fitter and feel better.


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