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A Boon to Health: Soursop Benefits

Soursop, also known as graviola, is a spiny, large, green and big tropical fruit which contains a sweet flesh, which is the base ingredient for various ice creams, beverages and other sweet stuff famous in South America.

Soursop is not only an extremely useful food, but also has extra-ordinary medicinal properties. These medical ingredients make it really good for health.

Here are some of the important Health Benefits of soursop:-

Vomiting and nausea– There are many people who experience a feeling of nausea while travelling in hill stations and through airplanes also. Just have soursop seeds a day before your travel and you will be relieved from nausea. These seeds have emetic properties which make it really useful for the treatment of vomiting.

Lice and bugs treatmentSoursop leaves are even beneficial for head lice treatments. They reduce the count of lice in head and many people use it for controlling bed bugs also. There are many shampoos and sprays which contain soursop as an important ingredient and use it according to their needs.

Healing of skin wounds– Skin wounds can be healed by using crushed leaves of soursop. If one applies it regularly on the skin wounds, they get healed slowly and recovery is faster. It can heal a wound completely if applied regularly for 3 days.

Benefits of juice– The fresh juice of this fruit is quite useful for problems like haematuria, liver ailments and urethritis. Many doctors recommend it to people who have ongoing liver problems. Many people take this juice when they are on fasting and empty stomach.Many people who are addicted to alcohol and cannot leave it, prefer drinking soursop leaves juice so that their liver remains healthy and is not much affected by alcohol.

Treating skin problems: –Many skin problems can be healed using mashed soursop leaves. Many dermatologists and skin specialists recommend a paste of soursop leaves to be applied on the affected area for a week or two, so that the infection can be healed.

Treating swollen feet– Many people experience situations in which their feet is swollen and they are unable to walk comfortably. Decoction of soursop leaves can provide a soothing effect on the swollen feet.

Cancer Treatment- The most important usage of soursop leaves is in the treatment of cancer. Many cancer research studies have proven the fact that soursop food extracts are a powerful treatment for reducing the count of cancer cells spreading in the body. Soursop leaves contain some active ingredients known as Annonaceous acetogenins which has capability to fight tumor also.

Dysentery treatment– People in countries like Mexico, Central America and South America prefer the juice of soursop leaves to be used for treating the diseases like scurvy and dysentery. It is known to cure dysentery even at a stage where the infection increases to such a level when there is blood and mucus in faeces.

Preparation of medicine from soursop leaves

In case of preparing herbal remedies, the preparation type basically depends on the type of condition which has to be treated.The herbal preparation can be in the form of tea, tincture forms or capsules.But every preparation type contains the medicinal ingredients of the plant. In case of tea, anti-inflammatory properties of soursop are extracted. In case of tincture preparation,anti-bacterial properties are drawn out. The dosages differ for every preparation type. It is good to take these medicines from the recommendation of a doctor who can specify the dosage also.

In case of capsule form, its effects depend on the fact that which active ingredients of soursop are contained inside the capsule. These ingredients are mostly mentioned on the label of the capsule packing.

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