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Comfort Benefits of Knee Scooters

An unexpected injury to the foot, ankle or lower leg can put you out of commission for a long time. The advent of crutches a long time ago assisted the injured while still maintaining some level of mobility.

However, many things can prevent crutches from being the best option in these situations. In fact, to enhance the level of comfort for the injured, knee scooters were introduced.

Being unable to get from here to there can be increasingly difficult for someone who has suffered an injury. On top of the compromised psychology that can often plague you after a bad injury, the inability to access spaces and things you once did can be even more demoralizing. The presence of a knee scooter can provide a much better option for those who have issues with mobility.

Enhance independence

Knee scooters can give the injured a greater sense of freedom as you can go more places for extended periods of time. You can comfortably rest your injured limb on the raised platform, and the wheels of the scooter, in conjunction with your other leg, can get you further distances faster without putting unnecessary strain on your upper body. You may be able to get to the bathroom or kitchen on crutches but going any long distances holding and balancing yourself on crutches is no small feat. You can do so easily with the aid of a knee scooter. There’s no need to wobble around uncomfortably on crutches when you can get to where you want without the help of others with a trusty knee scooter.

Easier on upper body

One of the most common challenges of navigating life with crutches is the strain that it puts on your upper body. Crutches can hurt or even bruise your underarms from even just minimal use. You also have to have quite a bit of upper body strength and balance to be able to adequately maneuver your body weight and the crutches, while keeping your injured limb off of the ground. Depending on whether you have a boot or cast, your leg will likely be much heavier than it is otherwise. On top of balancing, the strain put on your upper body and the added weight from your injury is enough to disregard crutches as a viable option completely.

Eliminates fatigue

Your body has already been through a lot, and while it should be focusing necessary energy to heal your injury, it shouldn’t be heavily taxed by trying to get you from place to place. Navigating life on crutches is exhausting, and it’s not your only transportation option with a lower-body injury. Using crutches is invariably like a workout if you’re on them long enough. The exertion of energy that must be exerted is far too strenuous for most. While something like a wheelchair may seem too bulky and dramatic, a knee scooter is just the right size, with the best functions and capabilities. You won’t become winded, or out of breath with the knee scooter, just a few simple pushes with your uninjured leg and you’ll be gliding along to your destination.
Range of motion

A knee scooter can pivot and turn via controlled and sturdy handlebars. Many knee scooters have good directional control which means you will be able to navigate turns and corners easily. While most of the scooters can only be used on flat, hard surfaces, some knee scooters can even be steered through grass, gravel, and dirt without much extra effort. You can go more places with your knee scooter than you comfortably can on crutches. The increased ease and directional abilities will improve your comfort regarding navigating specific spaces without the worry of falling or toppling over due to exhaustion or losing your balance.

Storage options

Trying to navigate life via one leg is hard enough. One of the ways crutches becomes cumbersome is they make it virtually impossible for you to carry a purse or a backpack because you’re already off balance. Carrying the things you need is not a viable option because your hands aren’t available because they’re gripping the crutches. But with a knee scooter, all of your things can be stored in the basket at the front or hang from the handlebars. Now you’ll have your necessary items with you at all times.

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