A thermometer is one of the items that a parent needs to have especially if you have a toddler in your home. There are two major types of thermometers that are, the infrared no contact thermometers and thermometers that needs body contact to work properly.

A great infrared no-contact thermometer should be easy to use and give a quick measurement. It should have a backlight to enable the reading in the dark.  In addition, a good thermometer should have a traffic-light system that will enable the user to differentiate a fever. It should also be capable of measuring both the room and the surface temperatures.

Infrared digital thermometers are known be very hygienic and they do not require extra covers like those needed in some ear thermometers. However, you need to keep the infrared sensor clean. Some of the major features of infrared non-contact thermometer are.

Smart digital thermometers.

Some thermometers have the ability to be connected to various apps on a smartphone and use it to store data for the past readings especially if you are keen on keeping up a follow-up. This development is not very common and due to its unique way there are a lot of developments ad improvements expected to take place in the near future.

Taking of accurate temperature readings.

In taking measurements, different digital thermometers have different ways of obtaining accurate readings. It is thus important to carefully read the given instructions and familiarize yourself with how it is used. This will ensure that you have a smooth time when the need arises. For instance, some infrared no contact thermometers require scanning across the forehead while others aim at different body parts. While both of these thermometers would give good readings, it is important to give the patient time to adjust to the environment because this change may have a great impact on the temperature.

You need to push your hair back from the forehead and wipe away any perspiration present at the forehead.

Things to look for when buying a digital thermometer.

What is the age of the person it’s being used on?

Multiuse thermometers can be used on any child rectally but they are recommended for the newborns as they give the most accurate readings.  While looking for a rectal thermometer, it can be comfortable and thus you need to get one with a flexible tip otherwise you may end up perforating your child’s rectum.

Will the suggested method work for your child?

A child aged more than 2 years may protest the type of method used on them thus making it difficult to get accurate readings it is therefore advisable that you should get a temporal-artery reading that involves just one sweep across the forehead of your child.