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Were Muscle-Building Drugs Responsible For Rich Piana’s Death?

Rich Piana recently collapsed in his home on August 10 and he was put in a coma that was medically induced. Earlier, he had confessed about his long history of 27 years of use of steroids. His cause of death has not yet been released publicly but according to a police report, there were about 20 bottles of testerone that were found at Piana’s home at the time of his collapse. Also, according to his girlfriend, Piana has been earlier diagnosed with an enlarged heart and that he had battled opiate addiction in the past. However, at the time of his death, Piana’s girlfriend belied that he was clean.

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Reasons why the substance that Michelle Payne was taking and it is banned?

According to Racing Victoria, the Melbourne’s cup winner, Michelle Payne, will not be allowed to be in the race for a period of one month. This is after she was found to be using phentermine, which is a banned appetite suppressant. When she was asked about her consumption of phentermine, she admitted to having used unknowingly and said that she failed to make inquiries about the drug before taking it.

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Healthy diet plan
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The Upside and downside of Nutrisystem Turbo 10 Diet Plan

Losing weight is the current trend for almost everyone. The adage, “you’re never thin enough” seems to hold true for all regardless of race, gender, age, and social status.

The rush to lose unwanted pounds is on and diet companies thrive on this. It’s an undeniable fact that weight loss does bring health benefits. However, the way to go about it can be unhealthy or incorrect.

The usual assertion of diet plans are ways to take off the weight easily and quickly. This is because we encourage these pronouncements. We want to lose weight and we want it now. We don’t want to go through all the rigmarole of exercise, meal portions, and eating the right foods. We want it to be handed to us like a gift-wrapped package.

Nutrisystem is a food service company that gives in to the demand of quick weight loss results with little fuss. The company has always been innovative in their diet programs to satisfy the demands of millions of overweight people.

Nutrisystem Diet

The Turbo 10 Plan from Nutrisystem

The Nutrisystem Turbo 10 Plan declares a 5-inch loss in your waistline and 10 pounds off your weight on the first month.  The four-week plan meals are directly delivered to your doorstep. The foods come from varied selections to include daily portions for main meals and snacks.

Nutrisystem’s most economical plan from the Turbo 10 means pre-planned meals from their end. They may include some of their popular food picks. You get the option to choose from 150 meal varieties if you go to their higher-end plans. The meal plans run for 4 weeks and costs from $400 to $600.

Nutrisystem has 40 years experience tucked under their belts, making them one of the oldest brands of diet. They have assisted millions of people to lose weight, giving them an excellent track record. It was in January 2016 when the Nutrisystem Turbo 10 was launched to include Turbo shakes, one their newest innovation.

Yet, is there truth to their declaration of dramatic weight loss after a month?

How would the Turbo 10 help you lose weight?

The meal plan options range from frozen to shelf foods. There are 150 meal varieties to opt out for. The company claims to rid you of extra weight minus “gimmicks” or “fads”. Turbo 10 will use the same tested and true strategies that have aided people in losing weight for the past 40 years.

There are three food plan options to pick from including the Basic, Core, and Uniquely yours. The most expensive plan goes to the Uniquely Yours that sets you back at $12 a day.

The expected setup pretty much works the same. You will get regular meal deliveries to by FedEx to your home address. It is only in the Basic plan that you have no say in the meals. You can only have that option with the Core and Uniquely Yours.

You also need to augment the meals with some food recommendations to include fresh veggies and fruits.

Countless customers of the Turbo 10 have claimed to have lost more than 3 times the body fat, the weight, and the inches during their first month. They found it more effective than going through a DIY diet plan.

The reformulation done to the prepackaged meals of the Turbo 10 have taken off everything artificial from sweeteners, colors, and flavors. Which makes us wonder if their other diet plans do?

Whole grains have increased amounts in the Turbo 10 that comes from sources of whole grains. Again, would this mean then that their other diets contained processed grains?

Government food or nutrition guides are not the basis for Nutrisystem diet plans. The company instead patterns the diet plans on the USDA Dietary Guideline recommendations to comply with Patterns of Healthy Eating in the U.S.A.

Turbo 10 meal plans are not created equal for men and women. Women selections include 1 snack and 4 meals while men get 2 snacks and 5 meals. What’s the explanation for this? It is because men’s metabolism is way faster than women which require frequent replenishment.

The Turbo shakes are only included only during the first week. This is to make the diet adjustment seamless and easy. Your second week with the diet includes either a schedule of 4 or 5 daily meals minus the shakes.

The protein and probiotics ingredients in the shakes assist in reducing belly bloat, making way for a healthy digestive system. Vegetarians and diabetics can take advantage of Turbo 10 plans that cater to their special needs.

One of the downsides to the Turbo 10 is the confusing price rates. Put simply, the hidden charges are horrendous. You end up paying more than what you bargained for. Another would be the exclusion of the shakes after the first week. Paying extra for the shakes for the second week spells additional expense on top of the meal rates.

Bottom line

Should you go with Nutrisystem? Other than the price, the diet plans seem to work pretty well. The weight loss allegation may not be equal. Why? Because the final weight loss outcome will always depend on the way you go about it. Meal cheating, frequent dining out and an inactive lifestyle are great weight contributors. People that have made up their mind to stick to the meal plans and other food recommendations have always reported successful weight loss. Does this mean that the Turbo 10 lives up to its assertions? Yes, definitely.

Breast Reduction Surgery
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The Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery to Teen Celebrities who had it

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most successful cosmetic surgeries with respect to having happy patients afterward. Women who suffer from larger breasts often complained of back or shoulder pain, grooving in the shoulders from their bra straps, skin irritation underneath their breasts, and inability to work out due to the overall size of their breasts. These are just some of the complaints that women frequently discuss in a consultation for breast reduction surgery.

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Calf Contouring – 6 Fantastic Exercises to Refine and Strengthen Your Leg Muscles

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining a bit more, winter is beginning to retreat and those summer clothes are starting to peek around the corner of your closet.  Everyone loves summer.  The clothes, the weather, all the outdoor fun to be had!  However, if you are anything like me and most people I know, there is that looming dread of exposing your legs to the world after a winter hibernation.

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Physical Therapy for knee pain
Health & Fitness

Physical Therapy – A Definitive Guide to Recover Swiftly From Knee & Ankle Pain

To enjoy a content and active life it’s important to have a physically fit body. Your physical fitness is instrumental for enhancing your mood and for maintaining strong muscles. Apart from that, it is also crucial for maintaining a healthy weight and a perfect posture – which also plays a crucial role in enhancing your overall appearance.

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Understanding Epoetin (Important facts, Benefits and Side-Effects)

What is Epoetin (erythropoietin)?

Erythropoietin (also known as EPO) can be defined as hormone that is produced by the kidney. It functions to promote red blood cells formation in the bone marrow. The kidney cells that are responsible for the production of erythropoietin are quite sensitive to low levels of oxygen in the blood which travels via the kidney.

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