Comfort Lining and Cushion Grip

Comfort Lining is the new and improved version of the discontinued product called “Cushion Grip”

This Thermoplastic denture adhesive will provide the denture wearer a secure suction for the dentures.

Comfort Lining was made in 2015 by a denture wearer and periodontitis. Being that this denture adhesive was made by someone that wears dentures, they know exactly what the denture wearers’ needs and wants are in a denture adhesive.

Denture adhesives need to be form-fitting to the denture wearer, to make sure that their denture fits properly.

How does Comfort Lining work exactly? Comfort Lining works by creating a strong secure suction with the denture wears saliva and the thermoplastic. This type of suction cannot be achieved unless you are wearing a thermoplastic denture adhesive. Denture pastes and creams cannot achieve this and usually tend to make a mess of things.

Comfort Lining can be used on the lower denture as well as the upper. There is no difference in the desired suction.  The instructions are simple to use; by heating up the aluminum tube in hot water for the desired amount of time, your product becomes a soft and pliable texture, this aide the adhesive to adhere to the denture. Upon cooling, Comfort Lining will firm up to the denture base, but in all stays soft as like a cushion for your denture.

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