Common Misconceptions About Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serum serves as an important beauty in daily beauty regime as it supplies the necessary amount of nutrients needed by the skin and protects the skin from any kind of harmful effect. It acts as an antioxidant that protects the skin from aging and enhances the production of collagen in the skin. It also prevents the skin from getting wrinkles which is a necessity for many people so that they can keep their skin healthy and fresh.

Vitamin C serum benefits the skin in many ways, and you will find various beauty products that are mixed with vitamin C serum. The misconception has always hampered the reputation of Vitamin C serum, so many people often opt for other alternatives. There are misconceptions about its color, price, concentration percentage, etc. and there are many sites that are responsible for spreading the misconception.

Average people who have little idea about Vitamin C serum always believe these misconceptions. A salesperson in beauty stores is also responsible for spreading false impression. So this article will depict some misconceptions regarding Vitamin C serum that is believed by a lot of people.

Vitamin C Serum Should Have Fragrance

Normal individuals who use Vitamin C serum for taking for their face believes that vitamin C serum should carry some scent especially citrus smell. But this is a general misconception that vitamin C serum is equipped with the smell.

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Many beauty care products, websites and beauty salesperson spread this misconception to sell or advertise their beauty products that contain vitamin C serum. Basically, vitamin C serum is totally free of any kind of fragrance because of pure vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid totally odorless.

Vitamin C serum beauty products that you buy from the market often comes with citrus or other kinds of smell, and this smell indicates that additives are used by manufacturers to make the product more agreeable. These additives are chemical synthetics that clogs pores, causes redness, introduces allergens to the skin and often cause breakouts.

Phthalates are often included in vitamin C serum additives which give rise to a hormonal issue. Many cheap Vitamin C serum products often carry a neurotoxin and when they are used can damage the brain cells. So it always advisable to use best vitamin C serum that is entirely natural and odorless.  Check out here to find more details on best vitamin C serum.

Vitamin C Serum Is a Colored Ingredient

If you are familiar with vitamin C serum beauty products, then you might have seen that some products come in different colors. This color variation is common in cheap or non-reputed products that widely sold in the market.

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Many people believe that vitamin C serum should have color but pure vitamin C is colorless. So every vitamin C serum beauty product should be devoid of any color. So the products that carry color are either old, or color additives are used to make it fancy. It is always advisable to avoid colored serum products because they can produce a side effect on the top layer of the skin.

It is seen that vitamin C gets oxidized when comes in contact with water or air, and after oxidization the color of the products becomes dark. This case is most common in cheap products and homemade products, so it is best to avoid them because they are not effective.

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Highly reputed companies use organic ingredients to prevent the serum from getting oxidized. You should resent using serum products with artificial color because they cause redness, clog pores and irritate the skin. There are some potent serums that are completely colorless, and you should always opt for them.

Vitamin C Serum Have Thick Consistency

Normal vitamin C serum that is found in the market has a thick consistency and due to this trend beauty product buyers believe that a proper serum must be thick. But this is a common misapprehension that forces in buying wrong quality that is not suitable for healthy skin.

A proper serum shouldn’t be thick, and serum that has thick consistency carries silicones. Silicones are chemical elements that affect the natural layer of the skin and consequently degrade the healthy coat. It has been seen thick serums hampers the top layer of the skin causing allergy, irritation and various other issues.

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A highly potent vitamin C serum that has thin consistency is padded with hyaluronic acid because they cause high penetration as they are already present in this skin. Hyaluronic acid helps in restoring the hydrating compound that might have been destroyed due to pollution or poor diet. This acid even resists the vitamin C to get oxidized and provide the proper infiltration to notch up the collagen production.

There is a belief that more is the consistency of vitamin C serum in a beauty product more it will be potent, but on actual note maximum 15% consistency is enough.

Using Collagen Induced Products As An Alternative To Vitamin C Serum Products

Using a collagen or elastin skin care products as an alternative to vitamin C serum products is a big misconception because collagen or elastin can’t penetrate the skin. It is always best to use potent serum products because they will stimulate the production of natural collagen.

Applying Vitamin C Serum At Night

It is a common misconception to use beauty products with vitamin C serum only at night, but they can also be utilized in the morning. If you apply them in the morning, then it will even protect you from harmful sun rays by acting as a sun lotion.


Using either Vitamin C Serum Or Moisturizer

Vitamin C serum and moisturizer should be utilized together rather using them separately and many people think that they should use only one of them for maintaining their skin. Basically, you should first apply the serum and then apply moisturizer over it as it will protect from getting washed away.

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The above mention is the only common misconception is associated with Vitamin C serum, and if you are following any of them, then you need to stop believing them.