Things you need to know about Dermal fillers.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal filler is a very common term in plastic surgery. This is basically a non-surgical procedure that seeks to eliminate any wrinkles that may be present on the face. Just like the name fillers, suggest, the fill the affected area of the face thus plumping the face to look smooth, flawless and youthful. In addition to eliminating all the present wrinkles, dermal fillers are a great solution for adding volume to the lips chin and other hollow parts of the face. Through this, you reverse the effects of aging caused on your face and it is left looking smoother and with a sense of a natural glow.

There are many benefits that a patient can enjoy from undergoing dermal filler treatment. For instance, they are very affordable, effective and there is technically no recovery time really needed. And you can go to your daily tasks immediately after the treatment. The only thing felt is some minor redness and tenderness around the area that has been injected. Once you commence the treatment, it is recommended that you follow up with at least six months of regular treatments so as to realize and maintain positive results.

The side effects of the dermal fillers.

All procedures that seek to improve the appearance of your body have some side effects and dermal fillers are not an exception. The most common effect that you have to experience immediately after the injection is a sharp pain like that of a bug bite followed by the redness and a swell afterward. This effect usually goes away within a few days on its own. To speed up the going away of the swelling, you can place a cold pack on that area. This will soothe the tenderness and that you could be feeling in that area.

Other side effects of undergoing dermal filler treatment are.

  • There are tiny bumps formed under the skin but they are temporary.
  • The skin cells of the area surrounding the injected area die. However, this effect is a case of a poorly administered treatment.
  • If done by an inexperienced clinician, the results are usually substandard and your overall goal is not met.

To avoid the effects that happen out of a poorly done job, it is important to carefully choose an experienced facial plastic surgeon. A good clinician will customize your own procedure that will optimize your natural look while administering safe and proper injections.

There are various types of dermal fillers available and before you commence on the procedure, it is important to have a proper discussion with your surgeon. Let him/her know your goals and he/she can recommend the best type that is suitable for your skin and will meet your desires.

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