Do your Braces piss you off: Follow these Magic Tips to get Relief?

Any person who has got braces is aware of the fact that it’s not a fun to have them. If one wants to have nice and regular teeth, they will have to go through the pain of having braces. The viewers can’t notice the pain; to them it appears as if it’s quite normal and easy to wear the braces.But only the person who is wearing it can feel and understand the discomfort.

Does getting braces hurt is one of the common questions which people have to ask. There can be many reasons of braces pain like ulcers due to the wiring, and pain due to shifting of teeth positions. But this pain is worth tolerating as the end the result is good.

However, there are still many ways by which you can lessen this pain meanwhile. 

  • Go for over-the-counter medicine

Go for over-the-counter medicine

Take a pain relief medicine about one hour before visiting the doctor; it will really relieve you from the pain which you will experience in the tightening process.Almost all over-the-counter pain killers would serve the purpose, but it should be ensured that you follow the important directions mentioned on it. Do not make it a habit of taking pain killers regularly, as overdose can be dangerous.

  • Ice pack can help a lot

Icepack can help a lot

Just apply an ice pack to the outer portion of your mouth so that inflammation can be reduced and ultimately oral discomfort will be healed. It is the same case as if you have an injury; you need to apply cold pressure on the injured area as pain is increased by inflammation.

  • Use an oral gel

Use an oral gel

There are many gels which you can apply directly on your gums and teeth, some of them are Anbesol and Orajel. You can use your fingers for applying the gel. But make sure to maintain hygiene and use sanitizer before applying. The taste of the gel may irritate you, but it helps a lot in relieving the pain in your teeth due to the braces.

  • Do not eat hard foods


If someone asks that does getting braces hurt with hard foods, the answer is always a yes. With braces, your teeth are a little sensitive. It is not recommended to eat hard foods which are difficult in chewing. Eat soft foods in which you do not need to involve your teeth much. Try to be on liquid diet most of the times during initial days. Go for foods like soup, pudding, custard, boiled rice etc.

  • Drink chilled water

Drink chilled water

Chilled water is an awesome way to heal the braces pain. When you drink extremely cold water, your mouth becomes numb and inflammation is reduced up to a great deal.

  • Have some patience

Have some patience

Do not panic with the discomfort of braces. This will make the situation even more badly. Your mental attitude towards a situation affects it a lot. Just handle the situation with patience and accept the fact that this pain is not forever and it will fade away with time. After all this discomfort, you are going to get beautiful teeth anyway!

  • Rinse with warm salt water

Rinse with warm salt water

Luke warm water with salt mixed in it is an excellent way of getting relief from braces. Rinse with this mixture for about three times a day and enjoy the results. But make sure that the water is not that much hot. It has to be Luke warm.

  • Avoid Drinks which are acidic

Avoid Drinks which are acidic

Although it is good to stick to liquid diet, but it does not mean that you can drink anything. It is good if you avoid drinks which are citrus and acidic, like orange juice and lime soda. These drinks will hurt your mouth more. Go for simple non-spicy drinks which sooth your teeth and gums.


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