Easy ways to improve your teeth health

A healthy, snow-white smile is the hallmark of the stars who have settled permanently in advertising spots or front pages of newspapers. Unfortunately, in many cases, such a beautiful smile is the result of the work of specialists and not the actual care of healthy teeth. So how to take care of your oral cavity to be able to enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile for many years?

A beautiful smile with regular brushing

A healthy smile ensures that your teeth are brushed regularly. First of all, brush them in the morning immediately after awakening and a moment before going to bed. Your dentist also recommends brushing your teeth after each meal. This ensures that bacteria are eliminated and that the pH level in the mouth is evened out.

If you have eaten something sweet and you cannot reach for toothpaste and a toothbrush, the best solution is to use sugar-free chewing gum. It works like toothpaste – it protects your teeth, provides fresh breath and strengthens the enamel.

Choose an electric toothbrush

Which toothbrush is better – manual or electric? Which toothbrush ensures healthy teeth?

The large proportion of people, still use a manual toothbrush. The choice is obvious due to the low price. When the bristles of the toothbrush wear out, you can buy a new one without worrying about the expense. It is best to choose brushes with bristles of different thickness and brushes with a special rubber strap on the outside to clean the tongue and the inside of the cheeks.

The electric toothbrush, on the other hand, is more effective when it comes to brushing and getting rid of bacteria. The movable electric brush head ensures accurate and, above all, faster brushing. The disadvantage of this choice may be the price.

Use fluids for oral hygiene

Love your teeth! Look after them as well as you can. After all, a vision of an artificial denture replacing healthy teeth should have a motivating effect. The opinions of the respondents confirm that a healthy smile adds charm to a person. In fact, it is worth putting aside the excess sweetness, but about it in the second part of the article.

Brushing alone is not enough to dream of a healthy smile.

Unfortunately, with the help of a toothbrush, only parts of bacteria that can hide in the gap between the teeth, on the tongue or the inner part of the cheeks are removed from the mouth. This problem is solved by using oral hygiene liquid. Taking a certain amount of the preparation strengthens the enamel, removes bacteria harmful to teeth health and contributes to fresh breathing.

Get dental floss

Regular toothbrushing and the use of mouthwash are not the only ways to be able to smile without much concern. Healthy teeth require complete protection, and this, apart from the above-mentioned methods, is additionally ensured by the use of dental floss after each meal.

Dental floss helps to get rid of the gaps between teeth of food residues that may remain between teeth even after toothbrushing. As you can see, brushing your teeth does not provide complete protection. Only the thread makes it possible to eat all dishes without fear.

There are two types of dental floss available on the market – waxed and non-waxed. There is no difference in use. The difference relates to the duration of use – waxed floss should be used mainly after eating, while non-waxed floss should be used at any time.

You can also buy remineralizing thread soaked in rebuilding enamel molecules. It is usually nylon and non-waxed. The main task of such a thread is to strengthen the enamel and additional comprehensive protection of teeth against bacteria.

Braces for toothcurves

Curved teeth are a common problem for many people – what about having a healthy smile when the smile is simply ugly?

Fortunately, this problem can also be tackled. The curves of teeth can be straightened with the help of the traditional metal correction braces, although a few things have to be reckoned with. Many people are discouraged from using this method due to the high costs and a long process of treatment. A common reason for resignation is also the braces themselves, which causes discomfort and lowers our self-confidence.

For those who can’t stand the image of themselves with metal braces on their teeth, there are some innovative alternatives on the market. Namely, Clear Aligner. Clear Aligner splint is invisible, and there are no characteristic locks or snaps. Such an overlay can be removed during eating and washing. It performs the same function as fixed and movable braces, straightening teeth. The rail is made of smooth material, and no fixings are required to wear it. The lack of metal means that the inside of the mouth is not irritated, the splint itself is also friendly for allergy sufferers. It can be used by people over 14 years old. The transparent overlay is made individually for each patient, taking into account tooth shifts based on precise measurements of the defect and impressions made in the office.

Tooth splints/aligners are transparent – so your environment hardly notices that you wear braces for about 21 hours a day. You can continue to live your life without any restrictions and see the first successes after only a short period of use. In total, the correction takes about three to ten months. The exact duration depends on how comprehensive the correction that has to be made is. Once all teeth are in the correct position, they must stabilize so that they do not simply slide back into the previous position. For this, there are our retainers, which you only have to wear at night.

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