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Facelift Exercises That Anyone Can Try

Make your face the image that you want to present to the world. Our face activates about 50 various facial muscles for different emotions. With time these muscles slowly lose their original flexibility and firmness. One way to recover them is to do simple yet effective facelift exercises. Also known as facial yoga, this routine can significantly rejuvenate the skin. Doing it on a daily basis, not only will it enhance the face’s natural attributes, but also spare you from any pain and discomfort.

Here are some practical facelift exercises that really anyone can try:

Mouth exercises

Diminish those wrinkles around the mouth and tighten its skin with these simple steps. The first step is to keep the mouth closed as you puff up the cheeks. Step two includes making the air in the mouth go from one side to another. Continue the exercise for 30 seconds. Another way is to purse the lips and keep it like that for next 5 seconds. After, stretch the mouth as wide as you can and do this for 5 seconds, too. By doing it dozen times a day, your skin, your jawline, as well as your mouth will get nicely toned.

Eyes and Brow push-ups

This eyes routine will reduce baggy and swollen skin around the eyes. First of all, apply some pressure on the corner of the eye socket with your fingers. Hold the finger for 15 seconds on the four inner corners. If you wish to raise the brow, start by placing the index finger and the middle finger above the brow. While you are making the brow move up and down, push it softly with fingers. As a result, these small push-ups for the eyes and brow done at least ten times a day will lift the area around the eyes.

Put the roses in your cheeks

Another easy-to-do at home exercise will bring the roses to those cheeks and boost them the way you like. First, put the fingers on your cheekbones. Then, softly stretch the skin up. After that, put the mouth in the form of the letter O. Thus, you shall feel your cheek muscles tightening. Keep doing it for 5 seconds. This easy exercise can be done from ten to fifteen series daily. Automatically, you will notice the fat skin tightening and more accentuated cheekbones. With such defined cheeks, all you need to do is to put on some blush and feel instantly younger.

Firm the neck

Fortunately or not, the neck never lies about our age. Still, there are some ways to make the age less noticeable on the most delicate part of our body. One way to go is with facial exercises. While you are sitting down in a chair, lift the head up so that the chin is facing the ceiling. Then, try puckering the lips, but keep the tongue out. Repeat it twice. Another alternative for those who are not ready for a surgery is the ultratherapy based solely on the ultrasound. At Silkwood Medical this non-surgical treatment is recommended for those whose skin is not prone to excessive laxity.


Hold the forehead high

Here is an exercise that will require you some effort as to get a smooth forehead and reduce brow wrinkles. First, lie on the edge of the bed, but let your head hang at the same time. Then, try raising your eyebrows very high. After, make a small break and repeat. Do this ten times with making breaks. As a result, the skin on your forehead will get firm and this will lessen those wrinkles. If you wish to get better results, introduce healthy skin care habits and avoid smoking or being too exposed to the sun.


Natural-looking results

Believe it or not, but these simple facelift exercises can easily rejuvenate your skin and face, from the mouth to the forehead, from bottom to the top. Its natural-looking results will be visible in no time. However, along with these exercises rules of a healthy lifestyle should be obeyed as to get the optimal results. So, drinking water regularly, providing the right skin care, using natural ingredients like coconut oil and egg white masks and even taking up a sports activity will enhance the beneficial influence of facelift exercises.

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