Trauma is defined as the psychological response of a person towards a tragic event. Events like extreme illness, natural disaster, rape, the death of a close person and being a victim of any sort of violence can be the reasons behind the trauma.

The psychological disturbance caused by trauma will lead the sufferer to be flustered. Such emotional disturbance will also result in anxiety. Due to anxiety, the sufferer will tend to face further problems like anger, nervousness, irritation, lack of concentration and unstable behavioural mode.

It’s never been easy to live a life with so much suffering. So, to overcome such mental disturbance, the victim may lead to drug addiction. That is why the person suffering from trauma needs additional care in order to rehabilitate successfully.

Here we are going to discuss some facts explaining the relation among drug addiction and trauma.

Ratio of PTSD

It is observed that 25% to 75% people suffering from trauma tend to drug addiction. Women are twice more likely than men to suffer from post-trauma stress disorder. The huge number of drug abused sufferers is lead to alcohol addiction as compared to other drugs. The drug consumption increases the harms and effect of trauma in the victim. More the victim consumes the drugs, more difficult the treatment will be.

Child Abuse

Child Abuse

The study declares that such person that suffers from sexual molestation in their childhood are more likely to suffer from PTSD (post-trauma stress disorder). Such victims are more tend towards alcohol addiction. So, it is recommended that children suffer from such situation must get a proper therapy to eliminate any chances of psychological disorder.

Escaping from Memories

Victim of trauma may get addicted to drugs to escape from their problems. They tend to use drugs to fall asleep for the maximum time. They want to forget the tragic memories of that event. They use an excessive amount of ecstasy pills to overcome their anxiety.

Difficult to Denial

Such victims may find huge difficulty to cut down the use of mind relaxing substances. It will be much hard for them to leave such substance even when they feel any kind of physical or psychological change in them. The drug abuse harms their consciousness so they always lack the ability to judge such things.

Overcoming the Anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety

They often use drugs at their workplaces where they have to pay their concentration in work. As they suffer from anxiety so they might also use drugs before driving. This act sometimes results in the accident or may also reduce the natural ability of the mind to find directions. They might also suffer from short term memory loss due to excessive use of drugs.


One of the biggest causes of drug abuse after any sort of trauma is self-medication. People often go for relaxing medicine without any recommendation of medical experts. It is also observed that such persons use these medicines even they are not in need of them. Such habit leads victims to get addicted to medicines that result in drug abuse.

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