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Guide For Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana Edibles

With the legalization of marijuana for the use of medical purposes, there is a rise in the demand for cannabis. People are willing to try them to find a cure for a number of medical illnesses. Marijuana edibles are easily available but not many people are aware about how it functions in the body and how they should be consumed.

How does it work?

Marijuana edibles give the same high or sensation that people get from eating or smoking cannabis. However, the way the plant is ingested will make all the difference on how the body processes THC. THC is a compound present in cannabis that can make the consumers feel high. The same compound affects everything from how long it will take the weed to kick in and how intense your high might be.

Now in case you are smoking or vaping, you are basically absorbing all the THC through the lungs and they go straight into your bloodstream. This means that smokers will feel the effect within as short as five or ten minutes. On the other hand, in case of edibles, the body will need to digest the food and the same is absorbed through the stomach and will pass through the intestine and into the liver. The liver will now break down the THC and it will then enter your bloodstream. Hence, in case of edibles, the entire process will take anywhere from half an hour to two hours to feel the impact.

Tips for newbies

If this is the first time you are trying edibles, shop from a legitimate dispensary which sells quality edibles that say how much THC is present inside. You can try Kushly edibles as your first edible marijuana product. You need to clear your schedule and find someone who has an experience in edibles. Eat a proper meal or drink fluids and then start with a dose of no more than 10 milligrams of the edible. You can start with 2.5 or 5 milligrams if this is your first time. Even if you do not feel anything, do not have anymore for the next two hours. Wait for at least half the day to see how it works in your body. You can slowly increase the dose if you are comfortable. Now, if you get too high, do not panic. This feeling will pass in a few hours and you need to rest and drink fluids in the meantime.

Impact of edibles

The impact of marijuana edibles will depend on the person. If you are someone who has not eaten all day and weigh 90 pounds, you will feel the effects very intensely than someone who has had a good meal. Your metabolism and experience with cannabis can play a big role in the effect of edibles on your body.

Do not just pick the edibles because everyone else is doing it. You need to be comfortable with using the same and start with the smallest dose possible.

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