If you are obese and have been trying unsuccessfully to get back into a healthy shape, you probably feel desperate enough to try anything that promises to get those extra fats off your body. Even with people flaunting quotes like “Even round is a shape” and so on, the fact remains, no one wishes to look fat. Not to mention, obesity brings with it a whole new set of health issues that are best avoided. But, finding a safe and effective way to lose weight and to remain is shape is not easy, especially if you are one of the many who is going through a life that seems to get faster and more ruthless with each passing year. Mere diet is not the best way to lose the stored fat and you will need to include exercise routines as well. But, that’s not the case with HCG diet plan.

The HCG diet plan is prepared such that your body is able to utilize the stored fat which was one of the primary reasons behind your increased weight. This effectively reduces weight without having to include time to work out. If you are planning on including a workout at a later stage, it is perfectly okay and is a healthy habit. But the HCG diet is perfect even for those who are unable to dedicate time to any workout routine. But, if you get on the HCG diet plan soon, you will need to keep in mind a few things. There are points to consider before you adopt the HCG diet plan. There are plenty of people who have vouched for the positive results they received through the HCG diet plan, but there are also those who have had really bad experiences. One of the major reasons behind the negative impact is that these people just hopped into the diet without proper knowledge. Today, you will know about the risks associated, besides the benefits of the HCG diet.

What is HCG diet plan?

The first thing that you should know is what HCG diet plan is all about. The HCG diet plan comprises of three stages. The first stage begins with stuffing yourself with food and basically gaining fat during the initial stage. This allows you to get on with the diet plan. This stage is pretty common, especially with diet plans that offer fast weight loss. The weight gained is mostly water weight and nothing to worry about. You will be losing this really fast.

The second stage is the challenging weight losing stage. The HCG diet restricts you to a very low-calorie diet (VLCD) which makes your body start using the stored fat to gain the required amount of energy. One major difference the HCG diet has from any other such fast weight-loss diets is the use of the HCG hormone in the form of drops or injections. The HCG diet drops are more popular since it is easy to administer as compared to injections. However, you will have to get the real prescription HCG drops only. The HCG hormone is a common and naturally found hormone in pregnant women. During pregnancy, the hormone prevents the body from going into the starvation mode even if the pregnant woman is not getting enough calories and gives essential nutrition to the fetus in the womb. This hormone also prevents the mother from overeating since the mother might feel like there is a need for excess food as a part of the food being consumed is used for the growth of the fetus. This HCG hormone is used along with the regular meals during the diet in the first two stages. The role of the hormone is to prevent the body from going into a starvation mode with such low calories intake. It also provides the body with energy boosts so as to keep it functioning and you can go about your normal routine.

The final stage of the diet prepares your body to get into a normal and healthy diet which will allow you to remain in shape. The HCG drops or injections are discontinued at this stage and the body is prepared to sustain on a healthy diet with enough calories intake.

The HCG diet plan is extremely regulated and fixed. There is a list of allowed food items along with an approved quantity of each food item. You simply cannot change these at your whim and there is no way you get to change the diet plan even for a single meal.

Benefits of HCG diet plan

There are plenty of benefits of adopting the HCG diet plan. Here is a list of the major benefits that you will be enjoying.

  • Unlike many other fast weight-loss programs the HCG diet plan is a safer and better means to lose real fat.
  • HCG diet plan does not cause muscle loss.
  • HCG diet plan is strict but easy to understand and follow.
  • You need not continue HCG diet indefinitely; there is a fixed time period for the diet.
  • HCG diet can be followed by almost any person with any type of lifestyle.
  • HCG diet does not include any workout session.
  • HCG diet works really fast and gives a high weight-loss result within a short time-span.

The HCG diet indeed looks like a miraculous diet that will grant the wish of having a healthy and fat-free body. But, here is a statement of precaution. Do not jump into the diet plan without proper knowledge. There are definite risks involved if you do so, and you will end up as one of those who have been complaining about the HCG diet not working as promised. Read on to know about the risks of HCG diet and what you need to be careful about.

Risks of HCG diet

Rather than considering the following points as the negative side of the HCG diet, it is better to consider them as a statutory warning. Remember, every treatment has its protocol and if you are deviating from that then you are subjecting yourself to the risks associated. The HCG diet is no different. So, know what you need to be careful about.

  • Never adopt the HCG diet simply by reading various materials on the Internet. The Internet might make it look like it is a simple task, but the HCG diet is not as simple as it seems. Always consult a professional physician who has experience with HCG diet plans. Professional help will keep you safe from the pitfalls.
  • Do not deviate from the diet chart. This is an absolute No-No. You simply cannot change the diet chart at any cost. This can have a devastating result on your entire body. Follow the HCG diet chart strictly and measure the weight of the food you are having.
  • Only get prescription HCG drops. Do not trust any HCG diet drop that claims at having no-hormone. You need the hormones and having no hormone in the drop will just put your body in a severe situation with the extremely low-calorie diet.
  • Do not include physical exercise with the diet. The HCG diet isn’t meant to be followed while working out. It will give your body unnecessary stress.
  • Teenagers should not follow HCG diet plan, especially before puberty. It is advisable for anyone to consult a physician before adopting the HCG diet plan.
  • Never go back to unregulated diet after completing the HCG diet.

These are some precautions that will help you be safe and get the most benefit out of the HCG diet plan.