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How Special K Diet Work’s & Guide to use Cereal for Weight Loss!

Special K

Overview of Special K Diet

We have all seen the commercial: “drop a jean size in 2 weeks” and while many may think it’s impossible to drop so much weight in such a short time, Kellog’s is shattering that myth with their Special K Challenge (also known as the Special K diet).

According to Kellog’s officials if executed correctly you could lose up to 6 pounds in 14 days by simple eating cereal or a variety of other Special K products for breakfast and lunch with a “cheat meal” for dinner.

The Special K diet is phenomena that has has taken the weight loss world by storm because it promotes quick weight loss by simply controlling your portions and your daily meals.  While portion control has often been the suggested method of effectively maintaining great results throughout the Special K diet, no strict recommendations are given for the third “cheat meal”. Many consumers of the Special K diet often fail in this area because they use their third meal to load it with fat and calories, ultimately negating your calorie saving from the rest of the day, resulting in no weight loss.

How Does it Work?

The Special K Diet should never be used in lieu of a doctor’s recommendations; however, it is a short term diet plan that has been created specifically to kick start the weight loss process for individuals who have a BMI of 25 or over (which according to American health standards is overweight).

The Special K Diet may sound appealing and easy for those who are attempting to lose weight who also love Special K products but it’s actually not as simple as you think. In fact, The Special K diet actually takes an insurmountable amount of discipline. Generally, the Special Diet includes one serving of Special K cereal for breakfast alongside a 1/2 cup of low fat milk. If you’re unfamiliar with how much cereal a serving is, Special K notes that one serving is actually equal to one cup. For lunch, you eat the same meal again or you can choose to substitute it for a protein shake or a meal replacement protein bar.

What makes this diet a bit more appealing is the fact that you get not one but two snacks each day which include a variety of Special K product options including: snack sized protein bars, crackers, Special K fruit crisps or even protein water mixes. Additionally, according to Special K you have free range to snack on fruit or vegetables as frequently(or infrequently) as you would like. Special K also says that you don’t have a limit on beverages; however, it is suggested that you not consume large amounts of soda.


Q1. Can I use Special K Diet for 2 Weeks?

As with any diet, the Special K Diet can be used for as long as you want it to. In fact, the Special K diet was created specifically for a period of 2 weeks.  If you want to see long lasting results, you may want to do the diet for much longer than just two weeks; however, the diet when created by Kellogg’s was only meant to last two weeks.

While on your 2 week Special K Diet it is also suggested that you increase your exercise regimen as the Special K diet is only used to kick start your metabolism in the first to weeks. Adding in a regular exercise regimen will insure that you will get the results you are looking for.

Q2. IS the Special K Challenge a Healthy Diet?

Well it depends on who you ask. Many opponents of the Special K diet feel as if the Special K challenge is a meriting ploy targeted at women who are interested in losing weight quickly in order to be prepared for events such as weddings, formals or other special galas that may require them to wear clothing that they may not be able to fit into right away.

Q3. Why we call it as “Special K” Diet?

The Special K diet isn’t just called the Special K diet because it sounds cool and appeasing. In fact, it’s called the Special K diet for a specific reason. The Special K diet includes a diet of nothing but Kellogg’s Special K products this includes cereal, protein waters, protein shakes, and snack size chips all designed to keep you within your allotted calorie count.

Q4. Does Eating Special K help in Losing Weight?

The Special K diet is actually a weight loss diet so in  short, yes the Special K can help in losing weight. The Special K diet in it’s entirety can help you lose weight in two weeks if you follow the suggested guidelines. Eating Special K alone, without following the suggested guidelines may not give you the favorable results you are looking for as eating only Special K could be bad for you due to the loads of sugar and sodium hidden within the ingredients label.

Q5. Can you eat Special K without milk and still lose weight ?

This is absolutely a bad idea. In fact, according to the research that is available that has been don on the Special K diet it has actually proven to be one of the worst things you can possibly do as it relates to your diet. Breakfast cereal is increasingly high in sugar and starch and eating it alone will be sure to raise your insulin and also your blood sugar.

This is also unhealthy because even obese individuals are capable of simply maintaining their bodyweight  on only 1000 calories a day. Which means even if your diet consists of a lower amount of calories if those calories are bad you could essentially still be putting your weight loss journey at risk.

Exercise Recommendations with Special K Diet


Exercise Recommendations with Special K Diet


While the Special K diet does has the ability to shred weight without an extensive exercise program, Special K does recommend that you increase your exercise throughout the two weeks of your diet.

Many consumers of the Special K diet have complained that they wished that Special K provided them with more insight on what their daily exercise regimen should look like and while it’s ideal to have this information, exercise really depends on the individual.

Because many individuals are in need of additional support while on the Special K diet, several supporters of the Special K diet have created online support groups and forums in attempt to come together to find ways to encourage one another while on the Special K diet.

Many forums provide exercise challenges for individuals on the Special K diet that allows users to engage in a plethora of exercise activities each day. A few of these challenges include 5 days of cardio and 10 minutes per day in toning exercises.

As a disclaimer, the more work you put into your exercise regimen the better your results will be throughout the diet.

11 Tips to Lose Weight with K Diet

lose weight

As mentioned earlier in this guide, the Special K Diet is designed to help jump start your weight loss process. As with anything the hardest part of any new diet, journey, exercise regimen, challenge etc. the first few days will always be the hardest for you to navigate both physically and mentally.  Here are 11 tips that will guide you as you lose weight with the Special K Diet:

1. Surround Yourself With Accountability

As with any exercise challenge or weight loss journey, accountability is everything. If those around you are not supportive of your weight loss or will do things to make your weight loss process harder, remove yourself from those people until your challenge is complete. The more focused you are and the more support you have around you, the better.

2. Don’t Cheat On Your Diet

In the early days it can be super tempting to give up on the Special K diet; however,  if you give up you’re not only cheating your diet, you’re cheating yourself.  Special K is generous enough to give you one full meal and two snacks throughout the day to help make the diet a bit easier but it’s primarily your responsibility to not give up.

3. Join The Gym

Sometimes simply just committing to working out every day isn’t good enough. On many occasions, only saying you’re going to lose weight isn’t significant enough either.  If you’re really interested in seeing results in the Special K diet you may want to consider joining a local gym.

4. Increase Your Exercise

Do you exercise regularly? Great. If you generally walk one mile, walk two while on the diet or even 1.5 miles. Whatever you did prior to the challenge, increase it.  Additionally, if you did not exercise at all prior to the diet, get moving.

5. Follow The Rules

There are rules to the special K challenge diet for a reason. You are given strict instructions on what to eat for breakfast, lunch and snack and are given free reign for dinner. Simply following the rules will produce results.

6. Measure Your Servings

If you are having a hard time knowing how much food you should or should not eat while on the Special K diet you may want to consider measuring your servings. Measuring your servings will keep you from overeating or in some cases under eating which could actually cause you to be more hungrier throughout the day causing you to overeat during dinner.

7. Document Your Journey

Documenting your journey could actually be the best decision you could make while on the Special K diet. Being able to document your journey means having a calendar that you can mark off each day to remind you just how close you are to the finish line. Seeing how far you come could be what keeps you from giving up.

8. Stay off The Scale

Rome was not built in a day. One of the greatest ways to fail while on any diet is to constantly weigh yourself. This can be discouraging because if you weigh yourself constantly and never see the scale change you may feel like your weight loss attempt is worthless. In the same way, weighing yourself could also possibly encourage you to keep going. Best suggestion? Stay off the scale until the end.

9. Hide or Throw Away All Tempting Food

If you’re a person who is often tempted by food or even snacks simply just lying around the room, hide or throw away the food. This will keep you from cheating on your diet and most importantly, will keep you from giving up on your diet prematurely.

10. Hire  a Trainer

If you need one additional push while on your Special K diet, consider hiring a personal trainer. Personal trainers are not always the cheapest option; however, it could turn out to be the option you need to remain accountable to not only your diet but to yourself.

11. Keep Going

Even when the diet gets tough, you lack accountability or even will power. Just keep going. The results will come and you will be glad you kept going at the end.

Oatmeal Diet vs Special K Challenge Diet

The oatmeal diet is a very popular extreme diet that has been used in order for several individuals to get extreme results. If you are like many Americans across the country who love oatmeal and you’re interested in losing weight fast this may be a diet you are interested in pursuing. So why the oatmeal diet? One of the first reasons why the oatmeal diet has become so trendy and popular is because it kick starts your metabolism. It also encourages you to maintain success on your weight loss journey. Oatmeal has been known to be a precise ingredient that cleans out your system and helps save your body from cancers.

The oatmeal diet includes a plethora of ingredients which will hopefully help eliminate trips to the grocery store on a consistent basis. The oatmeal diet is broken down into three very precise phases. The first phase is designed to increase your metabolism and generally only lasts approximately one week. During this phase your diet consists of oatmeal and skim milk. Once this first phase is complete it is now time for the second phase of the oatmeal diet. During this time you will still be eating oatmeal but your meal plan changes After this is the second phase, you are still eating oatmeal but your meal plan changes slightly. The difference in this second phase includes dieters can now add fruits and vegetables in both the morning and afternoon. This phase of the oatmeal diet lasts at least thirty days and during this time it has been suggested that instant oatmeal is ok. During the last and final phase of the oatmeal diet you are allowed to eat your normal meals. If you want to make sure you get the most out of this oatmeal diet you will have to maintain your routine of one oatmeal meal and one oatmeal snack even after During the last phase, your diet can return to normal meals. To get the most out of this diet one meal of oatmeal and on oatmeal snack should be maintained eve once you have ended all phases of the diet.

So what makes the Oatmeal Diet different from the Special K Diet? The Oatmeal diet in it’s entirety lasts about 30 days before one can begin to experience seeing true results. The Special K Diet on the other hand can begin producing results within two weeks. While both of these diets are considered extreme diets, no diet is more riskier than the other so before beginning either of these diets it is always best to consult with your coach to make sure.


The Special K Diet is a great option for you if you are looking to lose weight quickly; however, one of the greatest ways for an individual to lose weight is to simply get into the gym and become committed to not only a weight loss regimen but also stay committed to eating healthy and making sure you are living your best life yet.

If you are an individual who doesn’t like to workout, then perhaps the Special K diet could be good for you in jump starting your metabolism only as you work to create the body that you have always dreamed of having.

As always, while this guide was created to help give potential Special K Diet participants more insight on how to successfully navigate through the two week diet. While we are advocates of the Special K diet it’s important to remember that this guide should never be used in lieu of medical advice.

Have you ever considered giving the Special K diet challenge a try? Have you found other weight loss regimens to work better? We want to hear all about it. Leave it in the comments below.

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