How to Curb the Major Oral Health Problems in Pregnant Women.

According to research carried out, it is estimated about 45% of the pregnant women who experience oral disorders, do not seek medical treatment.

There are a lot of psychological changes in the body system that women go through when they become pregnant. This is inclusive of the oral cavity. It is greatly recommended that pregnant women should take extra care and maintain proper oral health. There are major oral problems experienced specifically by the expectant mothers. These problems can be prevented by just taking a little extra measure. Some of these problems are:

  • Tooth decay.

This is one of the most common problems among the pregnant women. This mainly occurs due to changes in the acidic environment of the cavity. The acidic environment results from the large intake of sugary diets as well as the common vomiting that takes place. The end result is the increased risk of the development of tooth decays. To manage this situation, it is recommended that the pregnant women should;

  1. Limit the amount of sugary intakes.
  2. Brush and floss their teeth regularly, at least twice per day. In doing so, they ought to reduce the mouth wash that contains so much fluoride as it will reduce the acidic effect.
  3. Pay regular visits to reputable Downey dentists to get proper checkup and advice on how to best take care of the teeth. Also you will get advice on what drugs facilitate the formation of cavities and works towards voiding them.
  •  Tooth Erosion.

This condition mainly occurs as a result of vomiting. Vomiting cannot be controlled but it is easier to control. This is by use of a sodium bicarbonate solution that works towards reducing the effect of the acid thus it will go a long way in helping to prevent the damage that may be caused by the acids thus the erosion will not occur.

  • Mobility of the tooth.

This condition is very common among the pregnant women and it is majorly caused by the changes of the hormonal rush mineral in the periodontal ligament attachment. When they occur, they greatly affect the mobility of the teeth thus the end result is the periodontal diseases. This condition can be overcome by taking correct dosage of Vitamin C. Also, you should consider removing the local gingival irritants.

  • Gum diseases.

This disorder, according to research, is very common in about 60-70% of the pregnant women. This mostly happens due to the decrease in the immune response, estrogen and progesterone fluctuations as well as the oral flora changes. This condition can be controlled by brushing and flossing regularly at least two times per day using fluoridated toothpaste. It goes a long way in easing the irritation.

However, it is very important to visit a reputable dentist in Downey in case of any oral problem that may arise so as to know the best ways of managing it.

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