Drug Abuse

How to Help Loved Ones Recover from Drug Addiction

Being a friend, family a lover to someone who is addicted to drugs can be a very challenging and heartbreaking at the same time. Watching someone suffer and not being able to help them can be frustrating and very depressing.  For someone you have known and loved for a long time, it is difficult to see them in such a weak state, being addicted to drugs and making failed attempts to get out of that addiction.

It is a sensitive situation where you have to cope with the reality and heartbreak to see someone you love, hurt their own self. But you must understand that the person is suffering from an addiction which is usually considered as a disease too. He/she is no longer in control of their life, emotions or of what they say or do. It is you who need to be strong, leave emotions aside and think practically of what needs to be done.

Firstly, you have to accept that there is only a limit on how much you can help the addict because, in the end, it is their willingness and effort which is going to help them recover from this addiction from drugs. Go through the list of thing that you can do in order to help them fight their addiction:

1. Accept and identify the problem: The first step is for you to accept the reality and not ignore it. You need to decide if you are in it to fight and help your loved one or if you are not strong enough, you may take the exit and not volunteer to help. Once you are in it, you need to make the person accept their problem and make them aware of the life they are creating for themselves.

 2. Focus on the solution, not the problem: Rather than to making them guilty and reminding them again and again of the mistakes they did, you need to remind of them of the beautiful life they can still have when they get out of this drug addiction. Focusing on the problem will never find solutions. It is very important to help them face their guilt and shame as it can keep depressing them even more, and instead of getting out, they will go even deeper in the pool of misery and crave for drugs.

 3. Finding a rehab: If your encouragement and motivation are not working, you can even force them to join a rehabilitation center for the recovery. You should find a rehab which helps the addicts to recover healthily with proper treatments and therapies. Study this article to know the qualities of a good rehab center which makes sure that an addict recovers from his addiction and looks at life in a positive way.

 4.  Keep a check: Once the addict has left taking drugs, you need to keep a proper check on them. You can never trust recovering drug addicts and should always look for the signs of relapse. During this maintenance phase, it is very important that you motivate your loved ones to have a positive outlook towards life. They can feel depressed and unwell at times, so it is important for them to see their therapist or doctor from time to time. Joining support groups where they can talk to people who understand their feelings can be of major help to them.

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