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Muscles That Dips Engage And How To Become A Pro At It?

Are you looking to bulk up your upper body? Then you may want to invest in some good old dips. Anyone who frequents the gym knows just how effective this particular type of exercise is.

Dips are a classic workout that is effective in working a number of muscles in the upper body at once. In this case, your chest, shoulders, and triceps will all be engaged and the muscles stimulated. In this kind of workout, your own body weight is used as resistance. Workouts that involve the use of your own body weight for resistance are highly effective in toning the muscles in the target areas.

How To Perform Dips
There is a special equipment in the gym that is used to perform dips. There isn’t much to it but two handlebars because you will be required to use your own body weight.
In this case, you will need to grab onto the two parallel handlebars that are shoulder width apart. Fold your legs at the knees and lift yourself up by straightening your arms. Placing one foot on top of the other will create more stability. Ensure that your entire body weight is supported by your arms. Hold the position for a few seconds while breathing normally. Lower yourself back down until your shoulders go slightly lower than your elbows. Hold the position as well then raise yourself back up.

As a beginner, this workout may be challenging to perform but the more you perform them the more sturdy you will become. Although categorized in the same group as pull ups, these are easier to perform. As you get the hang of it, increase the number of sets and reps.

Dips are the ideal workout for people who are looking to emphasize their chest. They give special attention to your triceps as well. However, if you really want this particular exercise to work for you, you need to perform them while keeping your back straight at all times. These are called triceps dips because it is this particular group of muscles that’s mainly engaged.

What you choose to do with your legs depends on how far you are from the ground. If you want to fully focus on the workout itself then you may want to find bars that are way up above the ground. This way, you do not have to worry about your legs as they can be left to hang straight.

Creating Resistance For Dips
The longer you perform dips, the more strength you build hence their becoming easy to perform. Stagnating in a workout is highly discouraged as it slows down progress. When your triceps dips start becoming easy to perform, it is time to increase the resistance. In this case, you can incorporate a dipping belt to the routine.

A dipping belt is an addition that you tie around your waist in order to make your body heavier hence increased resistance. This is a special belt that has a chain and clamp attached to it. These will enable you to incorporate weights on your waist hence increased resistance. Place the dipping belt around your waist and passing the chain and clasp through to the opposite end of the belt. The more you pull the chain, the tighter the belt becomes. Further, pass the clasp and chain through a weight and clasp it to one end of the chain to secure the weight.

There are some cases when one’s body weight is excessive. In this case, lifting your own weight may become impossible. However, this does not mean that you should give up on this highly effective exercise. A trainer will advise you to perform bench dips until you gather enough strength to lift your own body weight on a regular dip equipment.
In this case, you will be required to place your hands on a bench or handles. Place your feet on an elevated surface. This way, you still get to engage your shoulder, triceps, and chest muscles without putting yourself in harm’s way.

Dips are an effective form of workout that will see you enjoying the impressive results in a short period of time. The fact that you will require a lot of energy to perform them means that you need to incorporate a healthy diet. It is also advisable that you incorporate multivitamin for bodybuilding supplements. These will boost your energy hence better performance at the gym.

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