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Natural Goodness of Apple Juice

Many research studies have provided strong scientific demonstrations that apples have the capability of promoting good health throughout the lifetime. As in the fruit, the similar nutrients pass along with the apple juice.

Apple Juice health benefits go well beyond the vitamin- and mineral-associated benefits of natural fruits. Apple juice is also rich in “phytonutrients,” which are believed to have powerful antioxidant effects and which have been linked to lowered risk for many chronic and age-related ailments. Let us have a look on its nutrition value and how it helps in prevention of other body issues.

Nutrition Value Of Apple Juice:

fresh apple juice nutrition

It is recommended to eat one apple every day that contains a number of healthy essential nutrients. There are many people who like drinking the juice of an apple rather than eating it in the raw form. The nutritional value of apple juice is the same as that of a raw apple, provided it has been extracted from fresh apples. There are commercially available juices usually containing preservatives that may cut down the nutritional value of apple juice. Hence, better to make real apple juice at home to avail the maximum benefits and nutrition from it.

Apple juice serves your body with the high amount of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. And with zero cholesterol and a low quantity of saturated fats and sodium, so apple one of the healthiest fruits.

Promote Healthy Heart Functioning:

Healthy heart Functioning

Being a great source of super antioxidants like polyphenol and flavonoids, which is beneficial for the heart’s health. Moreover, it provides your body with potassium, a mineral that is also essential for the heart. So, serving one apple juice every day facilitates the heart to function properly.

Promote Healthy Lung Functioning:

lung functioning

Having flavonoids as a content, is one of the unique advantages of apple for asthma-diseased people. This is a well-known nutrient to prevent asthma attacks. Also, flavonoids play a significant role in having strong lungs. One of the latest research has proved that the individuals who consume apple juice on a regular basis have better lung function than the others.

Help in have glowing skin and avoid scalp disorders:

glowing skin

How many of you know apple also helps to have glowing skin. It contains antioxidants that prevent your skin from inflammation, itching, wrinkles and pre-mature aging. Prevents damaging of tissues which let you have glowing skin. Although it is widely used in natural remedies for treating skin-related issues, and when apple juice applied for a few minutes to the hair scalp ensures the prevention of dandruff, so and helps in avoiding scalp disorders.

Help in Cholesterol reduction:


Rather than several benefits of apple juice, an important benefit is in lowering the cholesterol levels. The excess cholesterol levels in the body are the main cause behind a number of cardiovascular diseases. Thus, you can strengthen yourself against such diseases by consuming an apple or its juice every day.

Help Improving Eye Vision:

Improving Eye Vision

Apple juice helps in improving the eye vision and preventing eye disorders, as have sufficient quantity of vitamin A.

Cleanses Liver:

Cleanses Liver

The alkalinity in the apples supports in purifying the waste and toxins from the liver in addition to maintaining the pH levels of the body. Pectin, present in the apple’s skin, promotes the digestive system.

Boost your Immune System:

As contains a good amount of vitamin C which helps in improving the immune system of your body as well as assists the body in fighting with germs and bacteria.

Now we can safely say that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor and dermatologist away’!

So, what are you waiting for? Include apples in your daily diet and reap the numerous benefits this wonderful fruit has to offer!

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