How does dental hygiene affect your overall body health?

Mouth is regarded as a gateway to the rest of the body hence if it is now taken care of, the bacteria from your teeth can have adverse effects to the rest of the body. It is therefore recommended to brush and floss your mouth twice a day. Dentists recommend that you should also avoid sugary foods and tobacco products so as to maintain your oral hygiene. Consuming these foods in plenty can lead to tooth decay as well as cavities.

Poor dental hygiene can also negatively impact on your social life. Bad breath-halitosis- is caused by small food particles wedged between your teeth thus collecting bacteria that emit chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide, which is also found in the rotten eggs.

If not properly taken care of, the bacteria originating from your mouth can cause many other health problems such as;

Heart disease; people suffering from periodontal diseases have higher chances of contracting heart diseases and narrowing of the arteries due to the bacteria that gets in the bloodstream. The bacteria from your mouth contain a protein that promotes blood clotting and it can clog the arteries leading to a high risk of heart diseases.

Poor oral hygiene contributes to increased memory loss; poor dental health leads to loss of teeth and it can greatly contribute to loss of memory. The gum infections release inflammatory substances which highly increase the brain inflammation and it can cause the death of a brain cell.

Causes breathing problems; since the bacteria travels around the bloodstream to the lungs it triggers the respiratory system especially for patients who suffer from respiratory disorders. There is a link between the gum diseases and an increase in risk of getting pneumonia and bronchitis. It is advisable to work closely with your dentist in order to prevent harmful diseases such as pneumonia.

Diabetes patients get more complications; poor oral hygiene greatly affects people living with diabetes and they are more vulnerable to other infections. Gum diseases make it quite hard for diabetes patients to control sugar thus putting the patient to a higher risk of getting more diabetic complications.

There is risk of getting premature birth; premature babies are caused by many factors including breathing issues as well as infections. According to doctors, infections are the main cause of premature births mainly coming from the mouth. Dentists recommend use of non-alcohol antimicrobial mouth rinse for pregnant women thus decreasing the rate of premature births.

Overall hygiene is important thus it is important to take care of your mouth. It is important to regularly visit a dentist in Plano, TX in order to have a healthy oral hygiene thus facilitating general health of the body.

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