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How to Pay Less for Prescription Drugs?

Don’t spend an arm and a leg taking care of your health. There are options out there that can help you pay less for your script. We’re sharing them here.

The price of prescription drugs is out of control. Even not-so-expensive drugs can add up to a nightmare price–especially when it needs to be refilled monthly.

However, as a consumer, there are things you can do to cut costs for the prescription drugs you purchase.

Check out the 5 ways below to make sure you’re saving yourself some money on medications.

5 Ways to Pay Less for Prescription Drugs

1. Shop Around And/Or Online

From one drugstore to the next, the price of prescription drugs can change drastically. This even holds true for drugstores and pharmacies in the same zip code.

A retail drug could cost hundreds of dollars at one store, while its price tag at another store could remain below triple digits.

For example, a grocery store in Denver, Albertson’s Save-On, quoted the price for generic Actos, a diabetes drug, at $330. However, a nearby Cherry Creek Pharmacy said it would sell the same drug for a mere $15!

You could also give online drugstores a try. Ordering online may not only cut the cost of your prescription drugs, but it’s also much more convenient.

To save yourself some money and hassle, check a Canada Pharmacy Online.

2. Ask And You Shall Receive

Asking for the best deal on a prescription could get you a discount.

When Consumer Reports had secret shoppers contact different pharmacies by phone to price a market basket of common medications, they found out asking could occasionally get them discounts.

For example, a shopper was first quoted a price of $75 for the diabetes drug, Actos, at a supermarket pharmacy outside Des Moines. However, after asking if there was a better deal, she was offered the drug for just $21!

Another tip to try is to ask what a medication will cost if you don’t use your insurance, as a generic’s price is sometimes less than your copay. Also, ask about any senior, student, or other discounts for which you may be eligible.

3. Give Independent Pharmacies a Call

Secret shoppers also gave independent pharmacies a try and found good results.

These smaller pharmacies can offer extremely low prices on certain medications.

You might also have better luck negotiating with independents, as they sometimes have more pricing autonomy than chain pharmacies.

To find out if an independent pharmacy near you has a better deal on your prescription medications, call around. Speak with several different independents to ask about their absolute lowest prices.

4. Think Long Term

Consider 90 prescriptions if you take drugs long term.

You may be wasting time and money by making monthly trips to the pharmacy for refills on your medication(s).

Give your insurance company a call and ask whether you can get three months’ worth of your medicine at a time.

If you can, have your doctor write you a 90-day prescription next time you see him or her.

5. Skip Economy Size Over the Counter Drugs

If you think you’re saving the most money by purchasing the largest containers of over-the-counter drugs available, think again.

Secret shoppers found that the savings on medium sizes were usually the most comparable to the biggest bottles.

This is because drugs in economy sizes are more likely to expire before you even get a chance to take them all.

In the end, however, small sizes of the over the counter drugs were the worst buy of all.

Let us know how you ensure you’re always getting the best deal on your prescriptions!

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