Braces are all you need for the perfect teeth and a lovely smile

Dental braces or aligners are used in orthodontics to re-align the teeth for perfect looking teeth and smile. The braces straighten the teeth by lightly pressing each tooth to move and change position and get arranged into a perfect alignment. Braces are largely considered for aesthetic or cosmetic purposes. But, the braces and aligners are also recommended to correct the structure of jaws and teeth in conjunction with dental surgery.

Crooked teeth, protruding teeth, crowded teeth, malocclusions are treated by bracing the teeth and aligning them to form a right shape.

Although braces are generally advised during 12-16 years of age for teeth alignment, there is no hard and fast rule that only younger ones can opt for braces. Anyone, at any age, can get this dental service and improve his/her smile.

That brings us to the most important question what kind of braces are available in the market and which one is better. Here’s a quick look at the type of braces available with a variety of materials serving varied purposes.

  1. Ceramic braces: These braces are suitable for people who do not prefer visibility of braces like metal braces.
  2. Titanium braces: These are expensive but are best if you want light-weight braces.
  3. Lingual braces: These braces are your best bet if you want to keep your braces out of sight of people, as lingual braces are fixed at the back of the teeth.
  4. Conventional stainless steel (metal)braces: These are very commonly available braces and take less time to align the teeth.
  5. Clear aligners: Clear aligners use transparent plasticthat does not look obvious when worn. Such braces are suitable for minor dental rectification.
  6. Damon braces: Although these look similar to traditional metal braces, these braces do not have rubber bands to adjust or keep the braces in place.
  7. Invisalign braces: These braces are made of clear plastic. The plastic is moulded to the desired shape and slid on the teeth. The advantage of these braces is they are virtually invisible and best orthodontic solution for adults.

The Tooth Company provides specialised orthodontic services such as visible and invisible braces, ortho mini implants, smile aligner, Damon braces with metal or ceramic colour, removable orthodontic treatment such as myofunctional appliances, Inman aligner and more for people with a need to correct their tooth alignment and beautify their smile. Read here for more details.

Orthodontic services best address the tooth visibility and structural issues by correcting under, over and crossbites, aligning out-of-place teeth, fixing the gap between the teeth, and ensuring straight and beautiful teeth.

How to take care of your braces?

One must take care of oral hygiene and food choices. Sugary, sticky substances should be avoided to keep the teeth safe from plaque and debris building. A slight pulling pain is inevitable when you wear braces. If the pain is severe and persists for a longer duration, consult your orthodontist.

You need to be regular with

  • Brushing
  • Flossing
  • Cleaning of the braces
  • Visits to the orthodontist for check-ups and brace adjustment

You can also use oral care products designed for brace maintenance.

Braces help lift your facial appearance to a great extent. Having braces need not be an overwhelming task. Consult specialist dentists and get great looking teeth and smile.


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