Physical Therapy for knee pain

To enjoy a content and active life it’s important to have a physically fit body. Your physical fitness is instrumental for enhancing your mood and for maintaining strong muscles. Apart from that, it is also crucial for maintaining a healthy weight and a perfect posture – which also plays a crucial role in enhancing your overall appearance.

However, if you struggle with musculoskeletal problems such as knee and ankle pain which are generally caused by an injury to the nerves, joints, bones, and muscles etc., they can restrict your range of motions to a great extent. Musculoskeletal conditions like knee and ankle pain, which can also be caused by injury to tendons and ligaments can lead to huge pain and discomfort, thereby creating obstacles to your ability to function properly.

There is no denying the fact that your knees and ankles have to bear the weight of your entire body, therefore it’s very important for you to maintain their fitness. Pain and discomfort on your knees and ankles can be caused due to fractures, falls, dislocations, and sprains etc., and hence, it’s better to take extensive care when it comes to staying away from such problems.

A Brief Description of Knee Pain

Knee pain

If you talk particularly about the constant and chronic knee pain, you surely need to figure out its underlying causes and then treat it accordingly. However, if it’s just a temporary pain, you can consult a physician and take medicines prescribed by them.

Temporary knee pain can be caused by an injury or an infection so it can be treated easily. However, the reason behind constant and chronic knee pain can either be an injury or an inflammation, hence you need to take proper treatment for dealing with it.

If you need further clarification, let me tell you that sudden knee pain is often the result of tendon rupture and knee dislocation. In addition to that, it can also be caused by sprained ligaments and injuries. But chronic knee pain is mostly caused by infections apart from different types of arthritis.

Some of the common types of knee pain include anterior knee pain, medial knee pain, and lateral knee pain.

Now Let’s Take A Look At Ankle Pain

Ankle Pain

If you talk particularly about ankle pain it’s nothing but a kind of discomfort, pain, and sensation in the ankles. Ankle pain is mainly caused by two important reasons which include medical conditions like arthritis and injuries caused by various reasons like fall and fractures.

According to experts, ankle sprain remains one of the most important causes of ankle pain. Yes, it is believed that 80% of all the ankle pains suffered by individuals of all ages are caused due to an ankle sprain.

An ankle sprain is caused when the tissues accountable for linking bones get overstretched. One of the most common forms of ankle sprain is lateral sprain which happens when your outside ankle is twisted facing the ground.

Due to this, your ligaments are stretched beyond a point which creates a huge pain and discomfort. Once you injure your ankle, you generally face pain and discomfort for a week. If it’s a mild ankle injury it may take around two weeks to heal, however, if you are struggling with a more serious condition then it may take months to recover from your injury.

And the worst part is that, you can’t live with pain for months, you need to find an alternative to deal with it. Apart from taking medications and surgical treatments to heal your problem, you can also take physical therapy services when it comes to returning to a normal life soon.

Life becomes really disgusting when you have to deal with pain and discomfort constantly, hence finding a good alternative makes sense. You can’t always rely on drugs that help in controlling the pain temporarily because they can also have significant side effects on your body.

Here’s how physical therapy can lead you to the road of recovery



Physical therapists are trained medical professionals who have enormous knowledge of how to deal with different types of body pains including knee and ankle pains which are caused by injuries and inflammations.

When you start working with a skilled therapist, they first analyze your physical fitness and medical history, so that they can evaluate your problem in a better way. Once your problem is effectively evaluated by conducting a physical examination and by considering your medical history, a powerful treatment plan is developed by your Physical therapist to meet your specific requirements. At Washington Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, therapists believe in evidence based practice which is the core element in providing effective physical therapy treatment to patients. This fundamental belief actually held by the American Physical Therapy Association(APTA).

Different types of physical exercises and manual therapies are included in your treatment plan, depending upon your requirements. In order to recover from your problem, all you have to do is follow the treatment plan as effectively as you can.

For recovering from keen and ankle pain, your therapist will suggest you perform all those types of exercises which help in strengthening your butt, knees, and ankles. In addition to that, your therapist will also ask you to stretch those muscles which help in knees and ankles.

You will also have to follow aerobic exercises like walking, running, and cycling etc., which will help in improving your condition and in maintaining a healthy weight.