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Reasons why the substance that Michelle Payne was taking and it is banned?

According to Racing Victoria, the Melbourne’s cup winner, Michelle Payne, will not be allowed to be in the race for a period of one month. This is after she was found to be using phentermine, which is a banned appetite suppressant. When she was asked about her consumption of phentermine, she admitted to having used unknowingly and said that she failed to make inquiries about the drug before taking it.

Phentermine is an appetite suppressant drug that is found in a lot of pharmaceutical companies such as but it has been banned by the Australian racing rules. Phentermine is used and accepted worldwide as an effective short-term treatment for obesity and overweight. It works by stimulating the release of chemicals in the body that may be contributing to being obese. Phentermine gives the user a sense of being full thus reducing the urge to eat more food in a short period.

Michelle Payne was undergoing a pancreatic surgery after a session of horse racing and she needed to reduce the amount of food intake prior to the surgery.  Phentermine is a prescription drug specifically to treat people with obese. A prescription is required as its intake affects major body organs such as the central nervous system. It is still questionable if it would benefit individuals who are not obese given that it’s a very strong medication.

Any appetite suppressant is banned according to the Australia racing rules. The drug is known to cause an issue for the boxers and gymnasts. Basically, if you work around areas that need a lot of physical body movements, it may greatly affect you. It is therefore banned to protect the overall health of the individual.

According to the reports that reached the Racing Victoria officials, Michelle Payne has been taking these drugs for a period of two months, on and off.  Most of the people who take phentermine take it for a period of 3-6 weeks.

According to the international programme if chemical safety, the drug can be very addictive and it has a very high risk of dependency as well as abuse. It also have very serious side effects such as; increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, etc. it is therefore important to be careful and it is recommended that you should not take these medications without the consent of health practitioners. This will help greatly in ensuring that you understand the benefits, ingredients as well as the accompanying side effects.

According to sporting codes, there are complex differences on what has been banned and what has not been banned and it is important to always enquire on the type of drug that you want to take if it is acceptable by the sporting codes and ethics.

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