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Review on mGym, Your Complete Smart Trainer.


Staying healthy is one of the basic things that prolong an individual’s lifespan. There are many people leading unhealthy lives that in turn make them have a short life and a lot of complications in their body.

A body needs exercise to keep all the body parts in check and a lot of people are enrolling for memberships in health clubs while others are buying home exercise equipment so as to ensure that they are at their optimum health. One of the best personal trainers that you can buy for your use is mGym.

mGym is a personalized smart trainer designed to help its users reach their fitness goals without making a lot of sacrifices. With its portability nature, you can take mGym wherever you feel comfortable working. Also, this smart trainer is suitable for everybody regardless of the point of training that he/she may be. mGym is able to offer resistance that ranges between 10lb to 85lb and it helps all muscles to be worked out. Below are some of the factors that make mGym to stand out.

It is smart and easily portable.

mGym smart trainer has a light weight of less than 20lb which enables the user to travel anywhere at any time. Being portable, it can as well be stored anywhere, whether in a small closet or even under the bed. Its smart nature which communicates with the cellphone enables the user to control your training and record your data. With this data, you can know the progress you are making.

You are able to customize your training.

mGym allows its users to personalize their training programs. It comes with exercises that are already configured and all you need to do is to set your preferred exercises. mGym enables the users to use features such as shadow training, automatic strip set and weight adjustments during the workouts.

There is less time taken in exercises.

Due to the fact that the user can adjust weight in between the workouts, there is a reduction of time taken to finish the whole exercise. This adjustment of weight takes  30% of the exercise time.

Also, the automatic tracking of time enables the user to do away with the tracking sheets that take time during the exercises.

mGym only offers a concentric form of training.

This means that resistance is only felt when you pull the bar. Otherwise there is no force required when rewinding.  When working out with concentric personal trainers, there is an increase in frequency and the intensity of your workout thus realizing your goal faster.

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