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Supplement requirement for women

A woman undergoes a lot of change in her life, physically and emotionally. Their biological needs are much more than that of men. Menses, pregnancy or menopause; every stage makes a change in a woman’s body. Thus, their body needs special attention and care. They need care for their bones and bellies. They need many nutrients which their body usually do not make due to the lack of healthy food intake and enough exercise.

Choosing the right quality of the supplements is very important. Health supplements from Biovation are of finest quality and very pure, and are available in every kind and of purest nutrition. Choosing the correct type of nutrients can be confusing for some women. So here are some of the most crucial nutrients that a woman needs to take:

1. Calcium: Calcium is responsible for the density of bones, functioning of cells and blood clotting in our body. A woman’s body weight is 1% calcium that is why it is important to maintain that amount of calcium in her body. A woman’s body produces less estrogen during and after menopause, which leads to bone loss. So it is more important to take calcium tablets as a source of calcium as women get older. Girls below 18 also need maximum calcium as it is in this age that the bones gain maximum strength which helps in further years.

2. Folic acid/vitamin B9: Folic acid is the most crucial nutrient for women who are trying to conceive and are going through pregnancy. Taking this supplement 6 months before pregnancy can reduce the chances of any major or minor brain defects or problems of the spinal cord in the child. Folic acid also enhances cell production and helps in improving brain health and brain memory.

3. Fish oil: After the age of 40, the body of a woman begins to incline towards menopause and other body changes. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which supports and improves overall health. It enhances the health of the heart and brain. Women who do not eat fish need a daily dose of fish oil. It is also very beneficial for women who are pregnant, as it helps in the brain development of the child.

4. Iron: The deficiency of iron usually occurs in women during pregnancy or during heavy menstrual cycles. Women who are into a heavy fitness routine, or are athletic and women who do not consume meat and fish, tend to get this deficiency very early in the age. So iron intake is very important but one should be very, very careful regarding the dose of the iron. Overdose of iron can be very harmful as it can cause vomiting and other health issues.

5. Vitamin C and E: Proper consumption of vitamin C and E help in procuring a beautiful and healthy skin even after a certain age. They help in eliminating the blemishes and heal up the scars and wounds. Vitamin C also helps in protecting the immune system, which eventually protects us from many diseases and health problems.

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