Teeth Treatment

A set of teeth is a very important aspect of human life. Apart from its effectiveness and importance as a neccessory organ, the teeth and their aesthetics are very important when it comes to human appearance, behavior and confidence.

Making a case for the latter, people with discolored teeth may have to deal with issues like self-confidence, inferiority complex and inability to express their joy or happiness because such expression would require showing off the teeth.

These kind of issues have been plaguing people for many years, especially with the increase in sugars to our diet.

Over the decades the treatment for poor and decayed teeth has drastically changed. Patients would often have to have all of their teeth removed and replaced with dentures. This was an invasive type of treatment and often unnecessary.

Nowadays, with the advances of science and technology and continued improvements in the health and medical sector, dental issues are not so obtrusive to correct and there are a vast amount of treatments available that actually focus on repairing damaged teeth, rather than simply extracting them. This is of course wonderful news for people that have perhaps suffered with self-confidence issues because their teeth were in less than ideal condition.

Such methods include Teeth Whitening procedures and the use of Veneers.

Teeth Whitening procedures

Tooth discoloration is probably one of the most common complaints from patients that present themselves for dental cosmetic treatments and teeth Whitening is probably the most easily accessible of all cosmetic dental treatments. There are so many solutions available and treatments can be conducted at your dentist, a beauty salon, or even in the comfort of your own home!

Pearly white teeth can give a huge confidence boost, making the recipient much happier about their smile, making public speaking, work meetings, wedding days or any occasion where you may be the focus, a much more pleasant experience. Teeth whiteners come in various kinds, gels, trays, strips, pens, tooth pastes and mouth washes.  Prices can vary greatly from dental to “at home kits”, but the results can be just as striking, so it pays to shop around.

It’s always advisable to check out any reviews before using any products or having any treatments of this nature.

Use of Veneers

Whitening of the teeth is very important and can have a huge impact on a person appearance, but sometimes that kind of treatment just isn’t enough. There may be other issues that are affecting the aesthetics of a smile. Wonky, misshapen or even missing teeth.

This issue can however be easily resolved without the removal of the irregularly shaped tooth or teeth. Veneers are very thin composite resin or porcelain covers that are simply attached to teeth to cover imperfections. This solution gives a real natural appearance. Veneers used to be a treatment that was only reserved for the rich and famous but the advances in the industry have meant that costs for veneers have reduced making such life changing treatments available to everyone!

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