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The Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery to Teen Celebrities who had it

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most successful cosmetic surgeries with respect to having happy patients afterward. Women who suffer from larger breasts often complained of back or shoulder pain, grooving in the shoulders from their bra straps, skin irritation underneath their breasts, and inability to work out due to the overall size of their breasts. These are just some of the complaints that women frequently discuss in a consultation for breast reduction surgery.

Some women rapidly develop disproportionately large breasts in their teen years as they enter puberty. This can become both a physical as well as psychological distress for some women as their breasts develop into the dominating aspect of their physical appearance. Many women have difficulty finding clothes that fit, appropriately sized bras and often find that their breasts are a hindrance to most of their daily activities.

This has recently been brought to light in the public eye through a number of different celebrities. A few who even had this procedure in their teens or early 20s have discussed this publicly – which has been a helpful resource for many other young women considering this surgery. Many celebrities have openly discussed undergoing the procedure in their teen years.

Teen celebrities who had Breast Reduction Surgery

The most notable teen celebrity is Ariel Winter who starred on the TV show Modern Family. She underwent a breast reduction surgery reducing her breast size from 34F to 34D cup.  She experienced a rapid growth of her breast size at the age of 15, and felt her breasts were overwhelming her body. As a result, she consulted with a plastic surgeon about the possibility of undergoing a breast reduction procedure.  After her procedure, she said, “I’m excited to finally actually feel confident and not just appear confident.”  This helps reinforce the point that the benefit of a breast reduction surgery is not just the physical changes one experiences, but also the psychological improvements that occur as well. This type of surgery can be life changing for patients who feel overwhelmed by their breast size.

Multiple other celebrities such as Queen Latifah, Jennifer Connelly, Drew Barrymore, Kim Fields and even Marie Osmond have come forward about undergoing breast reduction surgeries in the past. Almost uniformly, these surgeries have made significant improvements in the lives of these women. These women have expressed more of an improved confidence and self-confidence than anything else.

Breast Reduction Surgery: A Life-changing procedure

The biggest trade-off in a breast reduction surgery is the resulting scarring that will occur after the tissue is removed. The scarring is normally necessary to remove excess skin and allow for the underlying tissue to be removed and the breast to be lifted to a more useful position. When the tissue is removed, it deflates the breast itself. This can lead to excess droop of the breast tissue and makes skin removal essential in achieving a youthful appearance. The amount of scar needed to lift and tighten the breast is dependent on the individual and the breast itself. This can only be determined after a patient has been seen in consultation.

That being said, nearly all women who undergo this procedure willingly accept this without hesitation as the improvement in lifestyle is so transformative. The pain is usually limited as well making this procedure’s recovery fairly routine.

During the Recovery Process

 Normally, the recovery process takes anywhere from one to two months. Patients are normally feeling back to themselves three to four weeks from the surgery date. It may take a bit longer before you are able to get back to the gym in an unrestricted fashion. Often scars take up to a year to mature to where they eventually end up looking like a fine white line.

Breast reduction surgery is a wonderful procedure to help improve a woman’s figure as well as self-confidence. It is important to properly choose your surgeon to ensure you to have the best outcome. Make sure that the doctor is Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon to ensure that they have proper training and education to help you achieve your goals. If you want to know more about your options for breast reduction surgery, call our San Diego office at 858-638-9800 to schedule a complimentary in-person consultation.

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