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The Safest Squat Workout For Pregnancy



It’s important to carryout safe exercises if you not only want to remain fit and healthy during pregnancy but also to enjoy a relatively smooth labor when the right time comes.

Squat workout for pregnancy is the first step towards achieving great fitness. It is important to ensure that the squatting exercises you practice are safe and won’t hurt your unborn child. Apart from putting on the right squat shoes and correct attire, you need to follow all safety measures required per exercise. Below are the safest pregnancy squat workouts to help you be fit.

Sumo Squat

  • In this exercise, you stand straight, place your feet shoulder-width apart, and ensure that your toes and legs are pointing outward. You must also ensure that your spine is erect.
  • In this position, place a dumbbell in your two hands and with all your palms facing your body, stretch both of your arms right in front of you.
  • Bend your knees gently while ensuring your back is in a totally straight position.
  • Repeat the exercise for about 15 times. Take a break and if you are still feeling comfortable, you can try out another set of exercises.

Wall Squat While Sliding Down

  • Here, in addition to the right attire, you need a set of pillows.
  • Place this pillows next to a wall and stand right in front of them. Your feet should in this case be shoulder-width apart and your toes pointing forward.
  • Lean back slowly and bend your shoulders and hips. Your head must remain against the wall.
  • Slightly bend your knees as you take a very deep breath and breathe it out slowly. As you bend down, you need to start sliding towards this pillows. Squat down and ensure that you carefully land on these pillows.
  • To enhance your balance, you need to ensure that your arms are placed on your knees.

Quadruped Extension

  • In this pregnancy squat workout (PSW), you first have to get down on your floor and comfortably position yourself on your palms and knees.
  • Your knees should be directly placed under your hips and wrists directly under the shoulders.
  • In this position, now slowly raise your right leg and extend it towards your hip.
  • Now extend your left arm right in front of you. You have to ensure it reaches your shoulder height.
  • Hold this exact position for two to five breaths.After this, go back to your original position and repeat this workout using your left leg and right arm.
  • Carryout a set of repetition for each of the limbs. Take a slight break and if you still feel comfortable, repeat this set of exercises.

Simple Squat


  • Just as the name suggests, this PSW is so simple. You need to stand on your floor and ensure your feet are perfectly shoulder-width apart.
  • To maintain a good balance, you must turn all your feet in a clear outward direction.
  • Bring your two arms in front of you, press your palms tightly together and place them right in front of your heart.
  • Bend your legs in a very deep squatting position, take a very deep breath and slowly exhale it.
  • Now open your palms out and with your hands, press your knees. Ensure you are keeping them slightly apart to provide enough space for your tummy. Slightly bend towards the front and take a deeper breath. Be sure that you are maintaining a comfortable balance.
  • With your spine stretched out, breathe out slowly.
  • To relax your lower back muscles you first have to relax your tailbone completely and ensure that your lower back isn’t over-arch. This workout will help eliminate discomfort and pain in this lower back area.
  • Now slightly lift your heels from the ground and come down slowly. To maintain balance, roll up a towel and place it beneath each heel.
  • Maintain this position until you feel uncomfortable or for at least three minutes.

The Chair Full Squat

  • The chair you use has to be very sturdy.
  • Stand and face the back of this chair. Your feet needs to be shoulder-width apart and ensure all your toes are directly pointing outwards.
  • Hold the back of this chair tight enough to get proper support.
  • In this upright position, contract all of your abdomen muscles. As you practice this, lift your chest right upwards and completely relax your shoulder muscles.
  • Lower your tailbone slowly and try to at least bring it towards the floor.
  • Carry out this steps slowly to avoid any injuries and to maintain good balance. Ensure that your weight is at all times falling on your heels all the time.
  • Take a deeper breath and as you breathe out slowly, push all your legs so you would stand up straight.
  • Slowly get up by first lifting your hips followed by your entire body.
  • Repeat this set of exercises 8-10 times. Increase your holding time gradually until you can practice it for at least one minute without feeling discomfort.


Once you have discussed with your doctor and received an approval to proceed with this squat workout for pregnancy, you can now practice them and enjoy the many benefits that come with them. Your will not only reduce discomfort and cure flatulence, but also enjoy an improved breathing. Most importantly, by the right shoes for squatting.

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