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Top 10 Enemies for Oily Skin

People with oily skin generally have the same skincare problems and ideas. They always fight against the shine on the t-zone and they always look for remedies, DIY techniques, and products to make their skin as dry as possible. In fact, the majority of oily-skinned women hate their skin type and dream of having dry or at least normal skin type. However, it has its benefits and good points too. For instance, when the skin is naturally oily it gains fewer wrinkles than dry skin. Secondly, excess oil keeps the skin more protected and irritated. However, the main things we look for is the list of top 10 enemies for oily skin. Here they are!


Whether you keep up with an expensive skin care routine or use the unique products for your skin, stress is the number one enemy of all skin types. When it comes to oily skin, depression and fatigue has a lot to do with it. It can cause your body to produce extra amounts of the stress hormone called cortisol, and as a result, it tends to effect of extra cortisol coursing through your system, which is a whole source of oil for your face. Therefore, give any kind of worries and start living a relaxed life. Life is too short to spend on worries and ruin your beauty.

Wrong Cleansing

The second enemy of oily skin is the use of wrong cleansing ideas. Actually, you must avoid over-washing as instead of taking away the oil of your face it makes it even oilier. Then, you must use oil-free washing products if you want to decrease the amount of oil on your skin. Also, be careful of strong anti-acne ingredients as they may prevent your skin from producing the right amount of oil. Make sure you choose the right cleansing technique for your skin type.

You Wash Your Face Too Often

Stop doing it! We have already mentioned that over-washing can damage your skin making it oilier. If you’re cleansing your face more than twice a day, you must change your skincare tips. You’d a better wash in the morning and at night, and give up adding anymore cleanses to your daily routine. For instance, you may use refreshing toners or face masks during the day. Also, avoid using harsh soaps while washing your face. Although soaps help to get rid of dirt and oil from the face, they make it irritated and way too dry.

Check Your Eating Routine

Too much use of oily food with an odd amount of fat may make your skin oilier. Many specialists recommend cutting back on anabolic-hormone-packed milk especially when you’re struggling with acne. Eat as many fruits, greens, berries, and vegetables as possible instead. They are more useful and full of vitamins. Such foods can also hydrate your body and make your skin look fresher and younger.


Women with oily skin often complain that their makeup usually feels heavy. That’s because of the oil on their face and not makeup. However, everyday use of heavy makeup can add that unpleasant feeling. Sometimes it feels as if your makeup melts on your face. Before applying any product you must make sure it’s designed especially for your skin type. It refers to your makeup products too. Consult with a professional specialist to find the best makeup ideas for your skin and never forget removing it from your face. Opt for lighter products and escape oil-containing tonal creams, eyeshadows and the like.

Wrong Moisturizer

The use of the wrong moisturizer is another big problem you must consider. Every skin type requires a special type of moisturizer. Choose a collagen moisturizer rather than purchasing a thick cream to slather on. It’s recommended to clean your brushes and beauty tools once a week especially when your skin s oily. It helps to escape harmful bacteria.

Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol is the worst enemy of all skin types. It badly reflects on oily skin too. According to experts when you consume alcohol your heat index rises, which means you actually do get warmer and sweat more. So, instead of looking for a kind of relaxation in a bottle of wine or vodka, you’d better take care of your skin. When your skin is fresh, shiny and youthful you also start feeling yourself much better.


The oxidation of the sebum caused by atmospheric pollution leads to acne signs. Air pollution, mixed with dust and UV rays, brings oxidation of squalene, which is the main component of sebum and is another enemy for oily skin. Summer is perhaps the most dangerous time of the year for the skin. This is the period when air pollution reaches its pick. This means, that you must protect your skin in the best way according to its demands. Wear sunglasses, hats, use sunscreen and umbrellas and avoid walking on the most crowded streets. Try to stay at home during the hottest hours of the day. Oily skin becomes more sensitive just because of odd pollution and dirt.

Drying and clogging ingredients

Those with oily skin must prevent two things from happening: creating more oil production and trapping oil against the skin. In this case, sulfates and alcohols dehydrate the skin and it’s important to choose sulfate and alcohol-free products for your skin care. There are cases when dermatologists offer natural products for skin care. So, ask for the most flattering product and tell your dermatologist about your skin problems before using any kind of natural skincare idea.

Forgetting about SPF

Finally, as with all skin types, the use of sun protective products is a must. When your oily skin meets the harsh UV rays it becomes oilier and changes it tone. You start feeling a kind of inconvenience at the end of the day. Try to use mineral powder sunscreens or non-greasy formulas to protect your oily skin. Don’t forget about everyday SPF and focus not only on your face but also on your arms and legs.

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