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Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Upper Cervical Care.

Patients who suffer from spinal cord disorders suffer chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) which result to a state of continuous exhaustion that cannot be curbed by whatever the amount of bed rest. This type of disorder was dismissed for a long time by the medic practitioners as it did not show any test after being diagnosed.

As the old adage says, who feels it knows it, the people who suffered this condition could tell that this was a serious disorder. As much as this syndrome may not be diagnosed, there are some notable symptoms that include;

  • Feeling exhausted both mentally and physically.
  • You suffer from a headache and pain in your joints and muscles.
  • There is difficulty in concentration as well as thinking.
  • To some patients, there may be a lot of sweating during the night, they are quite sensitive to light and their muscles are really weak.

There are generally no medical conditions that can explain the fatigue. Most of the CFS is often as a result of misalignment of bones, especially on the upper neck. That is the atlas and the axis bones. This misalignment can be as a result of an injury, blow on the head. When such situations occur, undue stress is put on the brainstem and this may, in the end, cause malfunctioning of the central nervous system.

Basically, chiropractic does not involve any kind of medication. It is the alignment of the affected bones with gentle adjustments. Upper cervical chiropractors, such as Dr. Schar, correct any underlying cause of the chronic fatigue syndrome thus reopening the energy pathways within the nervous system.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is taken extra serious by the Upper cervical chiropractors. The health of your bones, especially on the upper part of the body influences greatly on the overall health of the body. A slight misalignment of bones can bring about a lot of serious and fatal problems in other parts of the body.

With the advancement in technology, upper cervical caregivers can detect the exact position where there is a misalignment. If detected early, the chiropractors can use very gentle methods of rectifying the misalignment. There is no way that the neck of the spine is broken. Most reputable chiropractors use techniques that will ensure that all the misaligned bones get back in place naturally without having to use a lot of force. After the correction of the misalignment, there a steady improvement of the chronic fatigue system.

Upper cervical care givers work to ensure that the present brainstem pressure is relieved by manipulating the C1 and C2 vertebrate and fixing any form of misalignment. There are many patients that have seen a reduction in the symptoms and the ability to at least sleep through the night without having to take medication.

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