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Understanding Stretch Marks and How to Treat Them?

Having children and even just the natural progress of age are the major causes of stretch marks. If you have noticed these marks on your body, you may or may not wish to get rid of them.

Many people feel comfortable with their stretch marks, while others may feel especially self-conscious or awkward about them. Of course, you do not necessarily need to take drastic measures to deal with these marks. Instead, first learn a little about what they are and try some of the methods suggested in this article to reduce them.

What are Stretch Marks?

When your body experiences rapid physical changes and your skin cannot change as rapidly to match it, this causes stretch marks. That is why they are so prevalent after pregnancy or after a sudden change in weight. What happens is that when the body expands so quickly, the elastic fibres in the skin begin to break. This is what appears as stretch marks later. Other contributing factors that may be to blame include stress, heredity factors, and other physiological changes.

Can You Prevent Them?

So far, there are no established or known methods to prevent stretch marks, but you can keep your skin at its healthiest and keep it looking good too. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated, and use a good moisturizing lotion daily. Though there is no formula for preventing the appearance of stretch marks, you can do a lot to treat them.

How Can They Be Treated?

It is important to note that some stretch marks do fade over time, but if you don’t want to wait around to see if they do, you will have plenty of options to try out.What you need to accept, however, is that you may not be able to do much more than fade them out a little. Depending on what you prefer, there are natural remedies, special lotions or creams that you can get from a dermatologist, and even special treatments. Let’s consider a few of these.

Natural Remedies

Natural remedies for anything are a dime a dozen. Some of the most common ones include the topical application of castor oil or aloe vera, both of which have been found to effectively treat many skin conditions. Other natural sources like egg whites, which are a rich source of proteins, lemon juice, for its acidity, sugar, as an exfoliant, and even potato juice, for its restorative vitamins and minerals.

Other Treatments

You can get an over-the-counter treatment like Bio Oil, or prescribed options like retinoid that can promote collagen growth and fade out those marks quite significantly. Retinoid is not recommended while breastfeeding or during pregnancy. There are also onion extract gels and hyaluronic acids that are commonly used. As a last resort, you could even get a treatment like dermabrasion or laser treatments that stimulate collagen growth.

You may need to try out a few different options before you find one that gives you result, but do remember that you will need to give each option several weeks before you can expect to know if they work or not. It is best to speak to a dermatologist before trying anything.

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