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7 Vaping Myths Everyone Needs to Drop

There’s a lot of hogwash going around about e cigs and vaping, and we’re here to set the record straight. Read on for the 7 misconceptions you should let go.

Like any new tech and health trend, there’s a lot of misinformation floating around when it comes to e-cigs and vaping.

We’re here to dispel some of the worst offenders and clear the air around e-cigs.

1. E Cigs Contain Unknown Chemicals

Cigarettes contain about 600 chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer.

An e cig, on the other hand, contains 4 ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural/artificial flavoring and coloring, and nicotine. Keep in mind that the ingredients in the flavoring and coloring can contain a variety of ingredients depending on the manufacturer.

Of course, the contents of e-liquids still aren’t good for your health, but their chemical content is not unknown.

2. Nicotine Causes Cancer

Nicotine is not a cancer-causing chemical. It is an addictive drug, which is one of the reasons that it can be so difficult to quit smoking.

But nicotine on its own is not dangerous. It is similar to caffeine.

You can also get nicotine free e cig liquid.

3. E Cigs Are More Addictive Than Regular Cigarettes

The concern here is that the delicious flavors and trend appeal of e-cigs may make them more addictive than regular smoking.

This simply isn’t the case. E-cigarettes deliver lower levels of nicotine than regular cigarettes, especially if you use lower nicotine level liquids.

4. E Cigs Cause People to Start Smoking

E-cigs were developed as a tool to help smokers quit, not to get people started.

This is why there are laws to stop e-cigs from being sold or marketed to minors.

While it is true that many people smoke e-cigs recreationally, many have made the switch as a way to stop or reduce their smoking habits.

Because e-cigarettes contribute to people cutting back on their smoking habits, they can help people make healthier choices. Of course, e-cigarettes themselves aren’t healthy, but as the next myth on the list shows, they are not as damaging as cigarettes.

5. E-Cigs Are Just as Bad — Or Worse Than Cigarettes

E-cigs are still relatively new, so they do need to be studied more before anyone can draw confident conclusions. That being said, the evidence is building that e-cig vapor is far less damaging than cigarette smoke.

The vapor contains fewer carcinogens and fewer toxins. This makes them a better choice than cigarettes, and especially good if you want to quit smoking.

6. Vaping Products Are Unregulated

The regulation of these products is still relatively recent, so it makes sense that people may believe the market is still unregulated.

The FDA regulates vaping products for both manufacturers and stores.

7. Secondhand Vape is Dangerous

Everyone knows the dangers of secondhand smoke, but that doesn’t mean second-hand vape is a problem.

The nicotine and carcinogen levels in the secondhand vapor are small. It simply isn’t a health problem for those around you.


These are some of the biggest myths people still believe about vaping. Now that we’ve put them to rest, you can vape in peace!

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