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Were Muscle-Building Drugs Responsible For Rich Piana’s Death?

Rich Piana recently collapsed in his home on August 10 and he was put in a coma that was medically induced. Earlier, he had confessed about his long history of 27 years of use of steroids. His cause of death has not yet been released publicly but according to a police report, there were about 20 bottles of testerone that were found at Piana’s home at the time of his collapse. Also, according to his girlfriend, Piana has been earlier diagnosed with an enlarged heart and that he had battled opiate addiction in the past. However, at the time of his death, Piana’s girlfriend belied that he was clean.

In 2014, Rich Piana confessed to have used steroids in a YouTube video. However, he categorically stated that he did not abuse. This was evident in that he is head was full of hair; he had no acne scars or a flat waist. He added that he loved his life and that he would never do anything that would ruin his health or the future of his bodybuilding.

As much as Rich Piana was right about the correct use of steroids was evident from the presence of hair, no acne, etc., the health experts warn that prolonged use of steroids can do a great damage to your body even if there are no visible symptoms and can put someone in a great danger. Whatever drug that you take, so long as it uses something synthetic, it accumulates effects on the body and once they reach their optimal level, they burst on you. Some of these effects can be easily detected and treated.

In a case of synthetic androgen and steroids, the major risks are felt at the heart and the brain and before the symptoms manifest and become real, it may take as much as over twenty years. There are many consequences of prolonged use of anabolic steroids as well as other performance-enhancing drug use. The heart is a muscle and it’s one of an essential parts of the health that it is flexible and it has the ability to easily pump the blood around the body. The heart also has androgen receptors and with prolonged use of steroids, it keeps getting bigger and thicker. This condition makes it be less flexible and it is less efficient in the pumping of blood around the body. The situation will put the whole body health at risk and it may as well result to heart failure.

Before using any steroids, getting information on and learn the benefits and effects that may arise.

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