There are many reasons why ceramic crowns have become the most popular material choice in dentistry. Metal and gold amalgam has had been the standard for a long time but recent advances have led to the development of ceramic crowns which can match both the looks and feel of natural teeth without compromising on durability. There are many advantages of choosing this crown type compared to other alternatives.

Ceramic Crowns

Aesthetic Benefits

Ceramic crowns are made of 100% ceramic and the fabrication methods help ensure that the result is something that is almost close to the appearance of natural teeth. Unlike metal based amalgam, there is no need to mask the underlying metal substructure. A significant amount of thickness comprises of translucent porcelain which provides these crowns their lifelike appearance.

The translucence mimics the natural reflection of light off the tooth enamel. Besides, your dentist can also color-match the crown to your teeth. Emax all-ceramic crowns provide the perfect cosmetic solution for correcting different types of problems including stained teeth, root canal treated teeth, crooked and fractured teeth. There are many advantages of choosing these crowns, including:

  • High durability
  • Perfect aesthetic match to natural teeth
  • Conserves tooth structure
  • Can be milled

Similarly, zirconium crowns also offer several benefits. They are extremely tough and perfect for bearing wear and tear. Zirconium crowns also look similar to natural teeth and can be modified to requirement. The material is free of any metal fuse and is biocompatible.

Benefits for Oral Health

Another benefit of choosing ceramic crowns is that they are the perfect choice for overall oral health. The material is biocompatible and doesn’t have any potential for gum irritation or allergic reactions. You can continue to eat or drink as usual without any worries. It will also not create any potential risks of tooth sensitivity.

Thus, ceramic dental crowns offer the best of strength, resilience and aesthetics. You can have your dentist to create crowns that perfectly match your natural teeth’s looks. When properly cared for, these crowns can last a long time. Thus, there are many advantages of choosing ceramic crowns for your teeth.