Invisalign are removable teeth aligners which are made up of clear trays called “the aligners”. They are designed exclusively for teeth alignment. What is so exceptional about this product is that it is invisible when on the teeth.  Having the product placed in the mouth is pain-free too.

With the use of advanced 3D computer-imaging technology, your complete treatment can be plotted and customized; from the original position of your teeth right through to your final desired position.  A clear aligner is then crafted for your teeth.

The Invisalign removable aligners can be worn without it interfering your daily routine.   They can be removed whenever you want to eat and brush. This actively aids in the straightening of your teeth and resolving orthodontic issues.

With its trays of thermoplastic material, Invisalign seamlessly blends into any day-to-day activities you have, without interference.

In the beginning, Invisalign was only designed for minor orthodontic issues. Since then, the techniques and design have been streamlined until now, they can resolve any orthodontic issues that do not necessitate surgery.

What are Fast Braces?

Dr. Johay, from DentalToday NZ, says “Fastbraces are an innovative technology development that is geared towards a swifter treatment of orthodontic issues.  They are designed to move teeth in faster and more efficiently.  This results in you having beautiful, straight teeth sooner.”

Treatment with traditional braces takes approximately 2 years.  Traditional braces deal with the crown of the teeth in the first year.  Then the roots are moved in the second year of treatment. Fastbraces are specifically designed to move the crowns and roots of the teeth simultaneously. The teeth begin to move towards the desired position at the very start of your treatment.

Which one do you need?

Both methods are very beneficial and effective towards teeth alignment.  Whichever method you choose, it will be geared towards the effective treatment of your teeth.

Before you decide on the type of teeth alignment technology you want to adopt, you must consider:

  • cost of maintenance
  • cost of each aligner
  • the result you want to derive from both aligners.
  • If you are the type who wants fast results, the fastbraces method of treatment is the one for you.
  • Perhaps you do not want your friends and family to know you are getting an orthodontic treatment? Then make use the invisible Invisalign, because it’s made of clear plastic aligners, which makes it discreet.

With all these facts, you will be able to make a perfect decision on which aligner treatment is best suited for you.