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What is Janeway Lesions?

Janeway lesions are described as the collection of pus in the human body that has piled up within the tissues of the human body with the localized death of living tissue and inflammation deposit not involving the epidermis.

The macules are only a few millimeters in diameter. Janeway lesions are usually flat, distal and painless. They got the name from Edward Janeway who was a prominent American Physician and pathologist between 1841 and 1911. He briefly researched and wrote numerous studies concerning the condition during his medical career.

Symptoms of Janeway Lesions

Unlike other conditions, Janeway lesions have some common symptoms which are easy to notice and determine.

You will first of all notice small areas of bleeding under the nails. This is usually called Splinter Hemorrhages. Some people also experience hot-red colored skin spots. Although they are red spots, they are in most cases painless. They occur on the flat side of the palm between the bases of the fingers, the wrist, and soles.

Patients also experience painful nodes when touched. They appear in the pads of toes and fingers. They may appear similar to Osler’s nodes. You may also experience shortness of breath when you get involved in vigorous physical activities. Swelling and inflammation of the palms, feet, legs and the dorsal side of the abdomen are also some of its signs. In some greater extents, the color of the skin lesions can change from reddish to purplish.

Some people have a misconception that Janeway and Osler Nodes have common symptoms but this is totally wrong. Both are different and must be treated differently.

Causes of Janeway lesions

While there are no satisfactory scientific studies to establish the real causes of Janeway lesions, the existing knowledge has so much to tell.

They are believed to be caused by infected and contaminated particles circulating in the blood. A deposition of bacteria that results in a painful area of inflamed tissue. Some other studies suggest that Janeway lesions are caused by bacteria originating from the lining of the heart.

They are also believed to be as a result of cutaneous immune-complex mediated by vacuities. This condition is only present in 25 percent of patients with inflammation of the lining of the heart. They are also caused by septic emboli. They occur in endocarditis caused by staphylococcus.

Treatment of Janeway Lesions

We have already established, Janeway lesions are brought about by several agents. Therefore, the treatment method depends largely on the causative agent. The doctor can administer broad-spectrum antibiotic such as aminoglycosides, macrolides, and fluoroquinolones in case the condition happened due to infection. The anti-biotic administered is used to eradicate infections completely.

Although there is no scientific study to back the claims, some people testify that eucalyptus oil and Neem oil are effective in treating Janeway lesions. The condition can also be corrected by a variety of homemade remedies. While most of them are not supported by enough scientific studies, some people thought that they worked for them. You can use Aloe Vera to cure those red spots on the palm and feet. Aloe Vera is believed to contain several components that work together to dry the area and initiate the growth of fresh tissue.


Now you have understood all about Janeway Lesions. If you see the symptoms, it is highly recommended that you visit the doctor for a thorough check-up.

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