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When Is the Best Time for Gym Trainers to Get a Massage?

Gym trainers are fitness professionals whose services are highly in demand these days.

Athletes turn to them in order to maintain an ideal physique, level of energy, flexibility, and stamina, and to develop important skills for competitions. Regular folks hire them for assistance in achieving their fitness goals. Suffice it to say, in the health and wellness industry, gym trainers are among the top movers and shakers.

Though gym trainers mostly focus on guiding clients on exercises, they, too, undergo consistent physical training. This is not only to maintain the right look that establishes them as industry experts but is also a requirement in developing effective exercise programs for every client.

They test exercises themselves to see how these physical activities are able to target the specific needs of the people that rely on their knowledge and expertise.

With regular physical training and demonstrations of newly-developed exercises, gym trainers are also prone to exhaustion or physical wear and tear, and so require proper maintenance. To keep up with the demands of their bread and butter, it’s imperative for them to set aside time in their schedule for a massage.

When’s the best time for one?

It’s highly recommended for gym trainers to get a massage before a demanding session (a.k.a. pre-workout massage from a therapist schooled in holistic massage and human anatomy) in order to prime their bodies. Massage will stimulate and warm the joints and muscles so all kinds of movements will be easier to perform.

A post-session massage is also ideal in treating the overworked muscles after a rigorous training. This will relax the joints and muscles, and prevent soreness the following day.

On top of those, research has shown that post-workout massage speeds up muscle recovery through improved muscle fiber regeneration. It likewise improves proprioception – an important component in preventing injuries and demonstrating strength and technique.

It’s worth pointing out that gym trainers can benefit from routine massage since their activities are greatly similar to those of athletes. Routine massages can be done at an interval of two to three days, every two weeks, once a month or once in two months – it really will depend on the person’s condition.

Routine massages can outwork issues such as the overuse of certain muscle groups and recurring injuries from constantly working the body to failure (which is what gym training is). Not only these, massage can also help in the maintenance of sound mental health.

Since gym trainers deal with different personalities and are expected to deliver the results clients want, their mental health needs to be taken care of as well.

Massage therapy can help with this as countless studies have proven its efficacy in treating everything – whether it be common stress, severe anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Every time stress sets in, massage should automatically be worked into the schedule so they can continue being repositories of valuable information about fitness and health.

It’s a part of a gym trainer’s life

Proper personal maintenance is a must for gym trainers. Their personal health is a reflection of their ability to assist clients in their physical transformation journey. In addition to this, massage also presents them the opportunity to better understand their clients’ needs and provide appropriate solutions to secure the best results.

There are many kinds of massage therapies available these days, and gym trainers can explore them all to see which works exceptionally well in restoring their strength and protecting their joints and muscles.

But perhaps what most massage therapists will recommend is sports massage, which is designed to fully benefit people who regularly engage in strenuous physical activities (like gym trainers do). Sports massage before and after exercise has been established to:

  • Enhance performance
  • Quicken recovery
  • Prevent overuse injuries

There’s no discounting the benefits gym trainers can get from massage.

Studies have proven the validity of its health benefits especially when a person gets the treatment at an ideal time; therefore, massage should truly be a part of any fitness and health professional’s arsenal.



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