It is only natural to want to look your best. Unfortunately, wearing braces can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. The key is to remember that they are serving an important purpose by straightening your teeth. Once they are removed, you will be so grateful that you had them.

In the meantime, the following tips can help you look your best now so that you can feel confident about your appearance with your braces.

Accept your braces

Wearing braces is going to help you have a beautiful smile. Your braces are a sign that you are being proactive about your appearance and that you are doing everything you can to look your best. It is important to keep the end goal in mind. Learning to appreciate your braces is easier when you remember that they are going to give you a straight, even smile.

Opt for a neutral color

For standard braces, choose the band color wisely. In most cases, it is best to skip brightly colored bands in shades of blue, red, purple or orange in favor or more subdued tones. Clear bands may seem like a good option, but they have a tendency to stain. You may find it better to choose gray, silver or black bands instead. They tend to blend in the best with braces and are far less likely to stain.

 * Don’t be afraid to try out several different colors until you find the one that works best for you.

* If you want to experiment with using more than one color at a time, make sure the colors you choose go together. For instance, pairing warm colors with other warm colors and cool colors with cool colors will help ensure that they look good together.

If you got traditional braces and aren’t happy with the way that they look, there are other options available. Talk to your orthodontist about some of the options below:

* Ceramic Braces. These braces are less obvious than traditional braces since they are the same color as your teeth.

* Lingual Braces. These braces are placed behind your teeth where they won’t show. However, people generally find them to be more painful and uncomfortable than traditional braces.

* Invisalign. Although technically not braces, Invisalign mouth guards can help realign your teeth over time by applying gentle pressure to them. They generally only work for mild issues, however.

Smile with confidence. Having a great smile and a positive outlook can go a long way toward improving your appearance. People will respond positively to you if you seem like a happy, outgoing person regardless of whether or not you have braces.

* Avoid the temptation to talk with your mouth partly closed in an effort to hide your braces. People probably won’t understand what you are saying or will think that you aren’t interested in talking with them.

Additional Tips

* If you opt for more than one color of bands, avoid colors that clash.

* Mix light and dark colors to create a more even look. Having some contrast between the colors will make it look intentional.

* Try out several different colors to see which ones look the best on your teeth and minimize the appearance of your braces.

* Keep a positive attitude. Hold your head high and speak with confidence. People will naturally find you more attractive when you act like you believe in yourself.

* Choose a light color for your bands when you first get your braces. That way your teeth won’t become the center of attention.

* Consider white or clear bands. Although they are prone to staining, they can help hide the brackets, making them less obvious at first glance.